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Paul here again, your online host and guide here at The Forensic Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU).

If you have made it to this page, you have had a chance to look around this site and you are ready to get started. Or, you may still have a few more things that you want to clear up in your mind which is perfectly fine.

Either way, you just being here on this page is the first step that you need to take, to make sure whether or not you should start on this new and life changing Journey.

By now, you have a fairly good idea that WAU is an online community with over 1 Million members already served through a state of the art training center that teaches novices, intermediates and veterans alike how to Learn “How to make money Online” using various proven methods and techniques. WAU has been creating online success stories since 2005.

Their step-by-step ‘Take Action’ based training teaches people from all walks of life how to help themselves to learn the technologies of Internet, Affiliate and Niche Marketing required to make an honest living on line and earn money consistently.

Wealthy Affiliate University Overview:

Video Run Time: 28.06


Always remember that ‘Getting Started’ with this program is always free and without obligation.

Regardless of which direction you are going to be choosing at this point, my first suggestion is to take 1 minute to review the video below by Ryan from 2014 to understand the emphasis he places on the ‘No Spam’ environment at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and what you can expect to receive by starting your membership account for free.

Video Presentation by Ryan – 2014

Running Time: 1.17

The video, although somewhat outdated is still one of the best and objective representations of Wealthy Affiliate that I have come across so far.

The Six Level free training that Ryan mentions is now a a complete 10 Lesson Online Certification program. Wealthy Affiliate has also included a 10 lesson Boot Camp ‘Affiliate Marketing’ course designed for those that want to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Platform and in return, learn how to make money in the form of referral commissions.

Both Courses even after all of these years are still Free.

See The Chart Below For The Free Membership.

Yes Paul, I want to get started right away with The Free Starter Membership.

Terrific. Click on the image below and simply follow the instructions and I will see you on the inside and Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate will send you a personalized welcome followed by one from me. You will be ready to set up your profile almost immediately. Congratulations on your decision to get started for the rest of your life online.

Wealthy Affiliate University – The Open Education Project.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project Free Starter Membership

Click on the image to start your FREE WA Starter Membership. No Credit Card or payment information required

No, Paul. I’m not quite ready. I need to learn a bit more.

No, Problem.

Remember, that the purpose of this site is to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of their background to find that missing piece of the puzzle to make money online consistently.

I am going to give you more detailed information that will help you to make one of the most important decisions that can change your life and your reason for being from this day forward.

O.K. let’s Review.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate University is all about Community. It can be compared to Facebook with the differences being that it is smaller, is private to its members and the platform is much more secure.

They have one of the most powerful Website Platforms in the World and a Hosting Experience you can feel safe running your businesses on. No need to shop for a Domain elsewhere. Their fully integrated  Domains, with free SSL Certificates come with complete management within the SiteRubix platform.

The Education at Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just simple, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you enroll you will be taken through their state of the art training platform, step by step.

What is your idea of Success?

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Understanding Your Privacy

Every page and post on this site has a comments section at the end so don’t be shy to express yourself. I’m always listening to learn not only how to make this site better but also how to better my skills as an Internet Entrepreneur.

You can also freely subscribe to this site and receive news from time to time that I will provide personally. This will not be something filling your inbox every day. This subscribe function will let you know when I have posted new information to the site. Your subscription information will be protected at all times on The Forensic Affiliate Website.

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Wealthy Affiliate ‘Terms Of Service’ In Layman’s Terms

Reading the terms and conditions of a contract has been named as one of the two top ten things that people can least be bothered to do. Terms and Conditions, also referred to as Terms of Service and Terms of use are as old as agreements and contracts.

Statistics show that only about 7% of people online read the entire ‘terms and conditions’ document and at the same time approximately 20% of people who have not read those ‘terms and conditions’ have suffered in one way or another by not reading this very important agreement or contract.

When you register on a website, download an app, sign up for services or even make an online purchase, you are legally binding yourself by clicking on the ‘I Accept’ button, and this can amount to more implications and responsibilities than you signed up for.

It is a global trend for the average internet user to just click the “I agree” checkbox without even knowing what the company and third-party rights and obligations are, or what you, as a consumer, can expect from the company which may lead to further complications down the road.

It is important to read this document to make sure you understand everything that it entails so that you are not surprised when you find out what in fact, you have agreed to.

By reading and understanding the terms and conditions of a Company, you can avoid some fees and charges that may be clearly stated in the contract. Many people are surprised when they find out that they have to pay extra charges because they were not aware of everything stated in the payment terms and conditions before accepting it.

In some cases, you may not be satisfied with the service or the item you have bought online. If you find out that you can’t get your money back because there is a clause in the contract clearly stating it, you won’t be able to challenge it in any court of law with the excuse that you did not know the clause was there when you agreed upon it.

Click Here to view The Actual Wealthy Affiliate ‘Terms Of Service’ Contract.

As you can see, it is rather lengthy.

I have taken the liberty below to ‘Recap’ the Wealthy Affiliate ‘Terms of Service’ as I have interpreted the document and by no means is it intended that my interpretation is complete. You should take the time to read the document yourself to make sure that you are comfortable as to how it may affect you.

Wealthy Affiliate Operates As: Niche Marketing Inc.

2354 Millstream Rd
Box 18
Victoria, BC V9B 6L2

Business Started: July 07, 2005

Business Incorporated: July 07, 2005

Your Wealthy Affiliate billing profile is set to bill on “monthly” or “yearly” recurring intervals. At any time, you may cancel your recurring billing and retain access to Wealthy Affiliate until the end of the current billing cycle. You are under no obligation or contract to continue your membership at Wealthy Affiliate and you have full control over your billing and payments.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the services of Wealthy Affiliate, they will work with you to try and resolve any issues. You are under no obligation to continue with Wealthy Affiliate, and can cancel your membership at any time.

It is your responsibility to cancel your recurring subscription if you wish to discontinue your service with Wealthy Affiliate. Cancellation can be done at any time from your account settings page within your membership. You may also cancel your recurring billing at any time through your PayPal or Credit Card account.

By using The Wealthy Affiliate site, you assume complete responsibility and risk for the use of the site and any and all site related services. This is because Wealthy Affiliate is provided as-is with no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied. This also includes but is not limited to,  implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.

Wealthy Affiliate, its agents, representatives and employees are neither responsible nor liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages arising out of or relating in any way to their site, site-related services and/or content or information contained within their site (more legalese, sorry).

Wealthy Affiliate at its sole discretion, may choose to change the terms, conditions and operation of their web site at anytime.

By using their service, you waive any rights or claims you may have against Wealthy Affiliate. The content available through the Wealthy Affiliate is the sole property of Wealthy Affiliate and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.

Except where explicitly agreed in writing, any company-owned content delivered through their site may be downloaded, displayed, reformatted and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are under agreement not to reproduce, distribute, disseminate, re-transmit, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate the content received through their site to anyone. This includes but is not limited to others in the same company or organization without the company’s express prior written consent.

By joining Wealthy Affiliate, you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Victoria, British Columbia Canada, and you waive any jurisdictional venue, or inconvenient forum objections to such courts.

By Wealthy Affiliate and/or any services related thereto, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of use.

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Things To Know About Starting An Online Business

Starting an online Internet Business can provide the easiest, and most economical way for anyone to find the solution to a problem that many of us face. The need for more money.

Please understand that I stress the word ‘can.’

Too many people, have little or no savings, and aren’t doing anything to change their situation. Regardless of how it was ‘pitched’ to us, Social Security was never intended to be a sole retirement plan and it will never be. It is a supplement to other sources of retirement savings which more than half the population of the World just simply do not have.

Everyone needs to create what I call financial resilience in their lives.

Most people who are looking for a way to make extra money, especially if they are in need of money, will not have patience.

They will exhaust their last hundreds or thousands of dollars on a push button program or technology in the hopes that ‘it is the one.’ This is similar to the ‘Lottery Ticket Mentality.’ Do not feel bad. I too, have been guilty in the past and fell for quite a few ‘Get Rich Quick’ programs that simply did not work. At least not for me.

Too many people still believe that making money online is easy. That is because promoters of so many  of these internet opportunities make you believe that it is easy. They ‘bait’ you to start looking for opportunities that promise great wealth for very little effort. These offers usually fall into the ‘Push Button’ categories (see an example here – It’s a Spoof).  The other end of the spectrum are the courses offered that can cost as much as a traditional education. I’m talking in the tens of thousands category. Many of these opportunities are structured as MLM & Pyramid schemes like MOBE & Digital Altitude for example.

In reality, the money making process online is actually quite simple if you know what you are doing but it will not be quick and it will require work.

An incredible amount of patience is required to experience success. You will need to learn the correct way to start your business. You will also need to establish some goals both short term and long. Long term goals will be the most important to help to keep you motivated on your way. Setting up short term goals and milestones will be required of you as they are the stepping stones to achieving your long term success.

If you are anxious to get started immediately, and

  1. You are not looking to get ‘Rich Quick’;
  2. You do have some consistent time to commit (i.e. not working too many jobs);
  3. You do have some disposable income to invest (start with “Free Starter” – make sure this is going to be right for you);
  4. You don’t get discouraged too easily; and,
  5. You like to learn and problem solve,

then click on the image below and follow the instructions on the next page.

You have to be 100% honest with yourself because the honest truth is, affiliate marketing is not for everyone.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project Free Starter Membership

Click on the image to start your FREE WA Starter Membership. No Credit Card or payment information required.

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How To Make A Living Online From Home

If you are not working and need money right now, you will probably need to go out and get a job. If you are working and still need more money right now, chances are you will have to look at getting a second job. I know of so many people trying to keep things together by having to work two jobs.

If you find yourself in either of the situations mentioned above (in need of money right now), then definitely do what you have to do to put food on the table and a roof over your head. But at the same time you are doing that, do a little something for yourself. Get yourself set-up for long tern passive income and success online. This can be your second job and believe me when I say that it can become your full-time job over the next few years. Educating yourself is the key.

Set out some goals to invest in yourself. Your initial goal will be to make a time commitment to put aside 3-4 hours per day for five to seven days in a row to really learn what Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership has to offer (Post by Jerry Huang – Wealthy Affiliate member since 2016).

Your next goal will be to commit $19.00 (plus applicable taxes) for the first month of WA premium training to make absolutely sure that this is the right educational tool for you and that you will use it.

During the first month you will know if you have made the right decision. Then your next goal is to establish if you want to proceed monthly or go directly to yearly membership and save yourself quite a few dollars.

It all depends on how you want to set yourself up. But lets understand that investing less than $400.00 per year in you, is a very smart move during these uncertain times. I’ll show you further down on this page exactly how I went about it.

I mention often times on this site that we all must build financial resilience to get through these tough economic times. Ask yourself something about our current Economic Systems:

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Are our current Economic Systems Failing us?

Blockchain and the Battle Against Corruption & Fraud – CoinCentral

I am a fan of Blockchain Technologies. Click on the image to read an interesting article – Blockchain and the Battle Against Corruption & Fraud.

We are told that Economic Systems all around the World are failing and perhaps they were all designed to do this. I cannot be certain but statistics show that less than 5% of the world population controls more than 95% of the World’s wealth. One thing I know for sure is that the failure of any system comes at the expense of its people, the same people the system was meant to serve.

I’m not trying to be harsh nor am I trying to scare anyone with ‘failing economies.’ Actually, it is during these uncertain times that opportunities abound. But we have to be careful with the direction we choose to follow. I keep saying that the Internet is predatory and I do speak from experience.

A while back, I finally came to the realization that ‘Get Rich Quick” schemes had mutated into an online Monster. A very well organized network of ‘Pitchmen’ and self-proclaimed ‘Gurus’ had used and still are using the Internet and the ‘Fear of Failing Economies’ to play the ultimate ‘Long Con’ and ‘Confidence Games’ on unsuspecting people all around the World.

One of these networks is known as ‘The Syndicate,’ and they operate very effectively in plain site.

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The Syndicate (Business Group)

The Syndicate is a business group that uses digital marketing to sell get rich quick, work from home and self help products. Read the full article <<<HERE>>>.

The video below (from 2012) gives a good insight of how the syndicate operates. Please take the time to view it so you can learn ‘How Not To’ fall for these very underhanded tactics.

Run Time: 15.40

Let’s get something straight right from the outset.

I’m not here to ‘Bash’ one thing to lead anyone into something ‘other’ as so many Internet Marketers are doing these days. It is in fact a ‘cut throat’ environment out there and many will sacrifice their dignity and honour just to make a ‘quick buck.’

So please, be careful and I urge you to always seek out true value for that buck.

The creators and the followers of The Syndicate (The A Team & The B Team) cater to the old Barum & Bailey concept that ‘there is a sucker born every minute.’  And to a certain extent, that does hold true. I’m just disgusted with the ‘smug’ and ‘arrogant’ approach that is taken in peddling their wares  and I for one will no longer bow to their deception and greed. I hope that you feel the same way too.

Your thoughts on the video and anything else on this page will be cherished in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Whether or not you choose to join me here at Wealthy Affiliate University, please make an effort to leave trace of your presence behind.

Is the Syndicate solving the problems that people coming to it have? No, not in my opinion.

Do members of the Syndicate enrich themselves at the expense of another’s naivete, lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.? Yes, I think they do.

Do the ‘Product Launches’ provide the value that they say are providing? I don’t think so.

Most of the products and services coming through ‘The Syndicate Product Launches’ (especially in the MMO – Make Money Online categories) all come incomplete and with all kinds of up sells amounting in the thousands of dollars.

All I know for sure is that I do not fall for this kind of ‘Crap’ anymore and neither should you.

If you think that by starting your own business online will make you rich immediately, you are mistaken.

If you think that starting a business online will allow you to quit your job if you have one or will replace your unemployment or disability insurance right away, you are wrong. To have that mindset right from the beginning is going to be your doom.

Instead of quitting your job to start a business and diving ‘all in,’ my suggestion is to test your business idea first during your ‘off job’ hours when you are free of your job responsibilities. This could be a few hours every evening and weekends, whatever your schedule will allow. But this time commitment has to be consistent in order to be fair to the program that is going to be teaching you.

Most people will fail because they will not follow through. It is a reality not just in business but also in life.

As I said earlier, “the purpose of this site is to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of their background to find that missing piece of the puzzle to make money consistently online by introducing them to a Step-By-Step direction and education platform that actually works.”

First ‘Learn’ and then remove the ‘L.’ You will accomplish this at Wealthy Affiliate University. Click on the image below to start your Starter Member Free Trial.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project Free Starter Membership

Click on the image to start your FREE WA Starter Membership. No Credit Card or payment information required.

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So What Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

Click on the Image above to Create a Website that is ready to go in under 3 minutes.

The missing piece of the puzzle is to be able to create a Dynamic Website, or as I say, a Storefront that is consistently updating, educating and serving up what others all over the World are looking for, want and need.

This storefront is going to be the best salesperson that you have ever had!

Unlike traditional ‘Brick & Mortar storefronts, your online storefront is not limited to space. In fact, your online storefront has unlimited space and whether you carry only one item or a million, the costs remain the same.

In the Internet World, you will not have the luxury of being closed. Your business storefront is open 24/7/365 and is not only accessible just to your local community but to the entire world. This is a good thing, meaning that a well designed and appealing storefront can generate income non-stop.

If you are not going to diligently learn how to build your online business from the ground up while at the same time giving it time to develop, through nurturing it everyday, then it is best to not waste your time and any money looking for business opportunities online. You cannot conduct successful business on The Internet without a storefront (website)!

Let me say that again. You cannot conduct successful business on The Internet without a storefront (website). You will have to learn how to build one yourself (it’s not as daunting as you might think) or get someone (like me) to build one for you. I suggest to you, the former and not the latter. Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need all under one roof.

Starting a successful business is not a game and you must treat your decision to proceed very seriously. Investing less than 1$ per day (on the yearly membership) and a reasonable amount of your valuable time devoted everyday is what is required.

If you are serious and can dedicate a week first and foremost to look at the “Free Starter Membership,” that will show you exactly how everything works, and what will be required from you, then you should get started immediately.

All you need to do is follow the FREE training and not rush through it. ‘Get Rich Quick’ is a myth.

If you are willing to learn and work hard at building your storefront, then you will learn how to create a successful business online. You have to be motivated, dedicated and patient.

For the majority of Wealthy Affiliate members like myself that have been here for a few years or more now, we can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project gives us the best chances for long term and consistent success.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project Free Starter Membership

Click on the image to start your FREE WA Starter Membership. No Credit Card or payment information required.

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A few more things to consider before we head elsewhere on this site:

Are Our Retirement Savings Enough

CNN offers suggestions on retirement.

Whether you are young and just starting with your career, in the middle of your work life or are coming toward the end, Click on the image above to watch some very important videos from CNN.

More than half of North Americans (not sure about the rest of the World) do not have sufficient retirement savings.

If you are one of them and in your early sixties like me, there really are few ways to recover. We are going to have to work for as long as we can, and when we can lo longer do that, we are going to have to live on less than $1,500.00 per month (depending on where we are living) once the savings run out.

We will need to come up with a solution that will provide us with income from various sources for the rest of our lives.

We will need to have something that does the heavy lifting when we are no longer able to, and provide a passive income that will supplement and complement our what little retirement income we have.

Whatever direction we choose, the ‘Business Model’ for starting a business online should be simple and complimentary with our lifestyle and work ethics.

Foremost, we will need a Website. This will be our ‘Storefront.’ We will need to promote our website and we will need products to sell to our audience. We can sell our own products & services or we can sell the products and services of others. Even better, we can do both through the same storefront.

Now, I am not talking about a ‘Cookie Cutter’ Template website. Those are great for some applications but not suited for the long term success that we are looking for. We need an interface. This interface has to be as easy to use as “Microsoft Word” enabling us to write and publish our thoughts and works timely. We need to be able to make our storefront not only looking professional but more importantly completely functional.

Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project makes this quite easy for us to accomplish.

Ask yourself the following…

Do you have enough money? Do you have the money you will need to grow old comfortably?

Getting old is going to cost much more than we think. I say the same thing to those that are in their twenties and thirties including my son who is in University studying Sports Medicine.

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Start planning now.

While I was writing this page and researching retirement I came across something that has changed my mindset completely. I finally came to terms with my ‘Reason for being.’

Ikigai (pronounced ‘Icky Guy’) – Reason For Being.


Did you know that Germany was the first country to introduce retirement benefits back in 1889?

Okinawa, Japan Does Not Have A Word For Retirement.

Today, we’re all living much longer and most developed countries have systems to provide pensions on retirement in old age, which may be sponsored by employers or the state. In many developing countries, support for the old is still mainly provided through the family. Actually it holds true even in the most developed countries. The Children still have to take care of the parents.

Today, retirement with a pension is considered a right of the worker and we all want to retire much earlier. Unfortunately the concepts of retirement  based on old assumptions are no longer true. Thinking that we can all afford to retire and that we can do nothing for years on end and travel the world until we pass on is simply no longer the case.

A National Geographic study shows that some of the happiest and longest living people in the world are from Okinawa, Japan. They tend to live seven years longer than our counterparts here in North America, and demographically, they have more 100 year old’s than anywhere else in the World.

And do you know what they call retirement? Actually they don’t call it anything. They don’t have a word for retirement. Literally nothing in their language describes the concept of stopping work completely. They continue to exercise their ‘Reason For Being.’

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Reason For Being…

Having a sense of purpose is probably the single most powerful contributing factor to one’s health and well-being. Or so, I am told. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Deep down, we don’t actually want to do nothing. If I could still cook professionally, I would.

There are far more problems and opportunities out there in the World than there are competent people to solve them. A cause, a dream, a passion, a side project are what is afforded us when our actual vocations are no longer attainable. For me, the Internet is proving to be a most useful tool. Full-time, part-time, or any time, I can put out ‘my message’ that may reach as many as 3 billion people or more.

The Internet  allows us a reason to get moving, allows us the joy of learning and the thrill of being part of something bigger than ourselves. Just find something that you love that you can do from the comfort of your home and share it with the World. Sounds too easy, right? It is if you have the right platform and the guidance from those that have already traveled the road.

Make the final years of your life “A Reason For Being.” Make it the realization of what you expect, hope for and deserve. Use the Internet to gain what you may have missed out on before. The opportunities are endless.

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What is Your Ikigai?

"Finding your Ikigai - Your Reason For Being.

Click on image to read a great article at upliftconnect dot com: “Finding Your Reason For Being.”

What do you love to do?

Make that your passion. What little things of your life bring you to your heart and make you come alive? Is there a subject that completely fascinates you? What could you talk about without getting completely bored?

Ask yourself what were your childhood joys. What relationships have inspired you? What makes you reach out more than others?

As you reflect upon these questions, don’t expect that magical bursts of insight will propel you into a life of purpose. There is a slow process of noticing and unfolding that will gradually lead you to greater alignment with that which you love.

What does the World need?

Make that your mission. What breaks your heart or pulls at your heartstrings? What change would you most love to create in the World? What would you give your life for? Different people have different needs & their needs might change after previous needs have been satisfied or as age catches up.

Here’s an interesting quote:

“More people willing to go against the norm. It seems nowadays that everyone has the same set plan: finish high school, go to college, find a job. Yet some of the people with the most interesting or successful lives are those who didn’t follow the generic life path, like Steve Jobs. ” –Source,

What are you good at?

Make that your vocation. What talents have you cultivated in your journey so far? What do you have that comes most naturally to you? What do you excel at even when you are not trying?

No one gets to where they are without challenges and most will not end up on the journey they originally planned. Perseverance is the decision to press forward during hard times. I learned a long time ago that business and life are about knowing and understanding people and knowing how you can help them.

What can you get paid for?

That will now be your profession. What service, value or offering do you bring, or could bring, that delivers real value to others? You need to bring something that people need or want and are happy to pay for or share some value in exchange.

Many of us may be moving through a dark or challenging time in our lives. It happens. Yes money is important and while certainly incorporating the financial aspects to our lives is mandatory, we also need to pay attention to our mental and spiritual state behind our circumstances. If we are moving with purpose or we are feeling called toward a certain purpose or goal in mind, we can experience our ‘Reason For Being.’

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Our Behaviours

Our behaviours should not be the ones we are forced to take based on the expectations of the World around us but rather they should be the natural actions and spontaneus responses that emerge from a deep and direct connection to our lives.

If there was ever a time in our World where a sense of true purpose was needed, now would be that time. So how do we peel back the layers of the multi layered pressures of our modern world? How do we discover why we are really here and what we are really supposed to be doing?

Follow your heart, follow your mind and follow your bliss. Don’t be afraid to find where it is and don’t be afraid to follow it. Where can you make the biggest difference? What is most disturbing to you in this World? What if…. Use thoughts like these as a catalyst to propel your actions moving forward. You will come alive.

Philosopher and civil rights leader Howard W Thurman said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that… Because what the world really needs is people who have come alive.”

Let’s not forget about a very important thing. We need to follow and develop that which pays the bills each month and allows us to cover the basic necessities of life.

Take a few minutes to write whatever key words, phrases and ideas come up for you in each circle in the four circle diagram above on this page. Then look for areas of natural overlap. Reflect on the sum total of these elements and how they may relate to each other. Bring yourself quietly to the center of the circles and leave space in your mind for whatever impulse or calling may emerge naturally in the coming days….

What is one simple thing you could do or be today that would be an expression of your reason for being?

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My Ikigai: My Reason For Being

Learn, Share, Serve, Earn.

Equals: Wealthy Affiliate University.


Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project Free Starter Membership

Click on the image to start your FREE WA Starter Membership. No Credit Card or payment information required.

How I Got Started:

Back track to the first Quarter of 2016. My online research to find a way ‘to make money now’ began.

I was naive, inexperienced and truthfully speaking, easily led to the ‘Next Shiny Object.’ I wanted success and I wanted it NOW!

I bought into some of the Make Money Online products that are explained in the ‘ScamWorld’ video earlier on this page. I also got talked into by friends to participate in Bitcoin High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP’s). Bitcoin was just coming into the limelight back then. These turned out to be Multi Level Marketing Ponzi Schemes. We live and learn.

I also got involved in some training programs that were “FREE.’

In actual fact, they were not free. During this time though, my searches kept coming back to something called ‘The Wealthy Affiliate.’ Seemed kind of corny at the time, but you know what, I could not find anything negative about The Wealthy Affiliate.

I read multiple reviews and somehow I knew that this was something that I should try. So I did. It was actually FREE.

I signed up under a review from a WA member in Sweden.

As soon as I signed up with my name and email address, I was in. No credit card or payment information was required. I don’t use credit cards online and prefer to use ‘PayPal’ in any case that I may need to do a transaction online.

I received a welcome from Kyle Loudoun (Co-founder) and also from my sponsor in Sweden. I was instructed to set-up my profile and begin my journey.

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Completing Your Account Set-up at WA – Adding a Description & Image

Run Time: 11.03

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I started the Online Certification Program and the welcome from the Wealthy Affiliate Community was very warm. The attention was a bit overwhelming at first but it was welcome from my end too. What I was learning for FREE was far superior than anything I had come across in the past.

I knew almost immediately that I had found my new home online. But I wanted to make sure. Kyle and my sponsor from Sweden showed me how to go premium for only $19.00 after my first few days of training. I made the transaction through Paypal.

Now I had a complete month to immerse myself with this most outstanding training. I knew where this was going to take me, so I loaded my Paypal account with about $400.00.

Monthly membership is $49.00 per month = $588.00 per year.

Yearly membership is $359.00 = savings of $288.00 per year.

Join me on this journey and I will show you how to save an additional $60.00 per year later on.

I say to budget approximately $400.00 because the only additional cost to the membership will be the purchase of as many domain names that you want. They average about $14.00 each at Wealthy Affiliate and come complete with hosting and SSL Certificates. I have 4 domains in the works right now.

If you do not have a major credit card , then you will have to set up a ‘PAYPAL’ account. It is very easy. Even if you have credit cards, you should still set up a Paypal account because that is the preferred method to receive payments not only from Wealthy Affiliate, but also from other affiliate organizations that you will want to represent.

Being able to make enough passive income to pay the bills and even live comfortably will not happen right away but it will happen. You need to have the patience to wait for the success to grow and you must have the determination to make it happen.

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Subscribing to my site is voluntary and without obligation. As you might be aware, I do not use pop-ups or FREE e-books to get your information. Although these methods work, I find them to be a bit ‘Cheesy.’ The only thing I give away for FREE is what I promote wholeheartedly…Wealthy Affiliate University “Free Starter Membership.”

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Hey, it’s been fun putting this page together for you. I hope that it was informative and delivered some insight and value. I hope that you will join the community here at Wealthy Affiliate University and experience first hand what can be accomplished here not only for yourself but also your loved ones and family.

It is truly a great place to be. Share some thoughts below in the comments section and perhaps even guide me to make this site better and better with what you’d like to see so that you can establish your own ‘Reason For Being.’

Your presence here is valued. Ikigai.

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