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Hi, Paul Mindra, your host and guide at The Forensic Affiliate here again.


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As you might be aware, I do not use pop-ups or “FREE” how to “E-Books” to try to get in touch with you.

Although these methods are taught over and over again and for the most part do work, I believe that these techniques are slowly becoming outdated and the use of pop-ups will slowly disappear and be replaced with something else. That I think is the result that will be because more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet. Pop-Ups are not Mobile Friendly, not yet anyway.

That, plus the fact that that I find pop-ups to simply just be annoying and from experience, the ‘Free Stuff’ that I have received in the past from numerous sites that I wanted to learn from really has had very little or no value at all.

With that being said, when you click on any link on this site that takes you to a third party site, I cannot speak for their use of pop ups and their free offers to get your Name & Email.

Visit The Syndicate To Learn What Can Happen To Your Information Here.

When or if you choose to subscribe to The Forensic Affiliate, you will first receive a personal email from me acknowledging your subscription with a thank you. This will not be an automated response, so it might take a little bit of time.

Later, after your subscription has been verified, you will receive automated notification when a new post or update has been published on this site for your attention. You can Unsubscribe at any time.

The only thing I give away for FREE to get your interest is what I promote wholeheartedly…The Wealthy Affiliate University Open Education Platform Starter Membership. 

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It is your free gateway to A School of Internet Marketing Learning so that you can decide for yourself if Starting A Business Online is worth your time and money. It is a service provided by Wealthy Affiliate so you can decide if their Learning Platform is in fact ‘The Real Deal’ for starting a business online.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is NOT intended as the ‘Best Way To Make Money Online.’

It is intended as the BEST platform to ‘Learn How To Make Money Online.’

Please understand this distinction because it is important. As you move forward, you will first ‘Learn’ and then remove the ‘L.’

It is also very important to understand your Privacy rights and how your information is collected and/or used.

Understanding Your Privacy

Every page and post on this site has a comments section at the end so don’t be shy to express yourself.

I am always listening to what others have to say not only because I want to improve this site but also improve myself. Communication is what Internet marketing is all about, so please, don’t be shy to say what’s on your mind.

Your information will be protected at The Forensic Affiliate Website and if you want to know how the Internet actually uses your information collected here, please review The Forensic Affiliate Privacy Policy.

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You can also contact me using the following mediums:

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Kindest regards,

Your Host and guide here at The Forensic Affiliate.

Paul Mindra.



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