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Hi again. Welcome to my guest links page.

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On this page, I’d like to start in the hopes of diversifying content and allowing others to share links to their work.

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As far as this page “Guest Links” is concerned, it is a work in progress, and this is where you come in. I am reaching out to others in the online world to promote their work here on this site.

I am looking for contributors to add their content and links in the following “Broad” categories:

    • Education;
    • Health & Wellness;
    • Science & Technology;
    • Money – Finance – Alternate Currencies, Make Money Online
    • Laws that govern;
    • Other. 

“Other” opens up a whole new environment to pursue.

Note: I reserve the right to accept or decline the content submitted.

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My name is Jean Amiony and I co-founded Shakepay in 2015 with my co-founder Roy Breidi after seeing a need for Canadians to have more control over their wealth.

Shakepay is a Montreal-based FINTRAC compliant buy & sell currency platform designed specifically for users in Canada.

The platform allows Canadian Residents to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum using CAD (Canadian Dollars) directly through using their smartphones or computers with just one click.

Built ideally for mobile, the platform allows users to send and request CAD (Canadian Dollars), BTC (Bitcoin), and ETH (Ethereum) directly on the APP to and from other Shakepay users…

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Career Karma

Category: Education

“Best Coding Bootcamps For Tech Careers in Lagos.”

[Article published in December 2020 in its original form including Font. – Some enhancements have been added, edited or removed].

As Lagos quickly becomes the tech-hub of Nigeria, finding the best way to find an opportunity in the technology sector can seem daunting. Instead of searching through an ocean of information, we have compiled the fastest growing tech careers, the best coding boot camps, and the best tech companies to work for all in one place. 

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Learning To Code.

Is coding hard to learn? In short, yes. It is a learning process that takes time, commitment, and a lot of practice. However, as you gain better experience, your skills will grow quickly. There is also a process of finding the right career path that fits your needs and goals. 

Because there are so many different types of coding languages, you will want to find one that you are comfortable with before you commit time and money. Free coding Bootcamp courses are the best way to get a general overview of a wide array of languages. 

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Is A Coding Bootcamp Worth the Cost?

Coding boot camps are not cheap, but likely not as expensive or time-consuming as pursuing a traditional high education degree from a university. Bootcamps were formed to accelerate the learning process and focus heavily on one subject to get you into a new tech career as soon as possible. While they have many advantages, you will need to decide if the commitment of time and money for a coding boot camp is worth it for you.

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Best Tech Careers in Lagos

The technology sector is growing quickly in Lagos and you have the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and find great opportunities nearby. As your skills grow, it can open new opportunities for you to work remotely with companies around the world. The best coding careers are:

          • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer
          • Data Scientist
          • Information Security Analyst
          • Software Engineer/Developer
          • Computer Research Scientist
          • IT Manager
          • Database Administrator

With the skills you learn at a coding Bootcamp, you can apply for great positions with some of the fastest-growing tech companies in Nigeria and around the world. You can also offer your skills on a freelance basis through sites like UpWork and Fiverr.

The best companies to work for in Nigeria are: 

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Best Coding Bootcamps in Lagos

Lagos Coding Bootcamps offer many options to find the tech career that suits you best. These three boot camps are tailored specifically for students based in Nigeria:

      1. Ahyoxsoft Technology
        1. Courses are 8 weeks long
        2. Offers upfront payments or financing options
        3. Learn Java and Android web development
        4. Emphasis on Google’s Material Design Guidelines
      2. Andela
        1. The course is 4 years long
        2. Offers upfront payment or financing options
        3. Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Python / Django, PHP / Laravel, MEAN Stack, and Mobile Development (Android and iOS)
      3. Moat Academy
        1. Courses are 11 weeks for full-time or 16 weeks for part-time.
        2. Offers upfront payment or financing options.
        3. Learn how to build websites, web applications, how to authenticate users, manage sessions, manage emails, connect to web services and other advanced topics in PHP or Python.

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Scamdoc Analysis

This site can be ‘Trusted’ in my opinion and what comes from it is of value for many.

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Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding Boot Camps.
He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups Podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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My Musings On The Year 2020 – And the Journey Of Humanity

Image links to

Click on the image above to visit Taetske at “The Silenced Voices dot com.

We will remember the year 2020 as the COVID-19 year.

It definitely is not over yet as the beginning of 2021 looks the same or even worse. Our world was suddenly turned upside down, and it is difficult to put into words all the hardship and losses humanity had to experience.

80% of businesses have closed down and one wonders how many will be able to reopen.

Social structures and habits have to adapt to strict rules.

The many colourful fiestas are cancelled and people stay home and feel lonely.

Children are going to school with extra bed covers over their shoulders, and their small hands are wearing warm mittens. The windows of the classrooms are open to ventilate and keep this virus from attacking.

People are flocking to the doctors’ offices. Depression is on the rise and no wonder if you have lost a loved one, your home, or your business and end up standing in line for food…

Read more about my musings on the year 2020 and the journey of humanity here. 

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Gamification and The Future Of Education

Teachers take traditional gaming features and incorporate them into the education process

Click on the image above to read more at Softpedia.

Using games to change learning.

Teaching methods have evolved over the years. However, one thing educators across generations agree to is that students tend to learn more when they are engaged mentally and physically during lessons. Gamification is one of the most reliable ways to engage students. Gamification involves the application of gaming principles and design in a non-game context. In this case, the non-game context is education. Students are taught to solve problems and learn skills in exciting ways. Gamification is one of the educational trends that will change the future of learning. It offers many amazing benefits and is now being accepted across the globe.

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Gaming makes Practicals Interesting

When games are applied to education, students get a clearer understanding of the real-world application of the subject. It’s much better compared to when they use only theories. This is becoming increasingly important in the Covid-19 era for students who haven’t been able to resume in-person classes and practicals. Using e-learning channels, schools have applied gamification to students at different levels. Video games are developed with educational information and students are allowed to play at their own pace. Just like other games, students who excel in educational games are given rewards while those who fail are not. This reward system is also a strong motivator for students. 

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No-Risk Of Health Infections…

The primary reason schools were shut down and students were forced to learn from home is Covid-19. There is a strong risk of getting infected in the classroom especially for younger students who don’t know how to follow social distancing regulations. Online learning has been an alternative method of teaching but it isn’t without its flaws. Educators have acknowledged that gamification makes online learning more interesting. Using virtual reality and augmented reality games in education allow students to learn key concepts that would have otherwise been impossible to learn without in-person classes. In the future, online gamification will continue to act as a healthy alternative to some in-person classes. 

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Increases Digital Awareness

Keep in mind that gamification isn’t limited to the use of digital technology. Teachers can use board games, table games, or any other physical activity to teach students and reward points. However, in cases where digital technology is used, students become more efficient in using technology for education. For example, the mobile or web versions of an app like Duolingo tend to be a more effective tool for teaching students a new language than traditional methods. Many other online bootcamps use gamification to teach students key principles. The more students use digital technology and the Internet for education, the more responsible they will be at using these tools. 

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Increases Knowledge Absorption and Retention

The primary purpose of education is to prepare students for the future. Sitting through boring classes without taking any message home is futile. This is why systems evolve regularly to meet the needs of students. Gamification allows students to absorb knowledge more than traditional methods of teaching. It also allows them to remember what they learn long-term. When it’s time to apply the knowledge to real-world cases, the things they’ve learned come to them naturally. It is all thanks to the combination of real-world stimulation and the endorphin secretion that comes with gamification. Committing to memory what they learn through games is easy for learners. 

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Improves Overall Experience

Gamification can be applied to a range of courses for students of all ages. Whether it is online or offline, educators can create games that meet the needs of learners. It improves the overall learning experience and reduces the workload of teachers. Students who have difficulties understanding subjects through traditional methods enjoy gamification because it makes otherwise hard topics easy to understand and remember. Rather than shying away from these topics, they embrace them. They look forward to learning because of the games involved. 

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Gamification isn’t just changing the education industry.

Many organizations have been using games in their workspaces to help workers understand key concepts.

It is an excellent form of online and offline job training.

In the future, gamification will continue to influence education. It is already one of the most popular approaches to education on a universal level. It is going to keep growing in adoption as time passes. 

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding Boot Camps.
He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups Podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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The Powerful Ways Covid-19 Has Forever Changed Education

Click on the image above to learn more about the effect of Covid-19 on education.

Over the course of the last few years, industries around the world have been heavily disrupted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The workforce has seen millions of people displaced and the jobs are only just starting to slowly return. With this in mind, other industries haven’t received as much attention for how they have been disrupted during and now moving forward with this persistent virus.

One such industry is education. Across the world, Covid-19 forced educational institutions, students, and teachers alike to adapt in ways they never had before. In fact, nearly 93 percent of people with school-aged children reported their kids engaged in some form of remote learning. This change was abrupt and nobody was truly prepared—the consequences over the last few months have been manifold.

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Reduced Student Performance

Focusing on the long-term impact of school closures. Click on the image above.

As a student, it’s difficult to sit in front of a computer for the entire day with minimal breaks between classes, especially at the K-12 level. For teachers, teaching to an unresponsive computer screen can wear down one’s energy and motivation. Combine these factors and it’s clear to see why student performance has seemingly been lower the last few months. 

Many who are at the collegiate level have grown frustrated with their schools still charging full tuition for a remote learning experience. They are struggling to bring themselves to attend classes. In a bid for control, many professors demand “in-person” video attendance even though all material is posted online.

This makes it difficult for students to see the value of attending class and listening to professors when they can try to teach themselves the material instead. However, with very little instruction on how to do this, academic performance as a whole has reportedly been suffering. 

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More Attention To Trade Schools

The Stigma of Choosing Trade School Over College. Click on the image above.

A consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic is a greater emphasis on trade schools over traditional sources of education. Over the last few years, there has been above a 20 percent increase in trade school attendance, a number that hasn’t been influenced heavily during the pandemic. 

As mentioned, many students are no longer seeing the value of their educational institutions due to the online format. Regardless of the fact that these schools are trying and had very little time to prepare, some students are choosing to disenroll and continue their education elsewhere.

Many have chosen trade schools. Unlike colleges or universities, trade schools focus on preparing students for specific careers, usually in tech, such as how to become a web developer. Additionally, trade schools already existed in an online format, for the most part, so they were already adapted and had perfected remote learning long before the pandemic.

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A Rise In Bootcamps

Best Coding Bootcamps 2021. Click on the image. Click on the image above

Similar to trade schools, tech boot camps have seen a sharp rise in attendance over the last few years. Even during the pandemic, these boot camps seem to be surviving the same as ever. In fact, some coding boot camps, as listed on Bootcamp Rankings, are completely free of charge and certain data science boot camps are offering deferred tuition. 

This enticing and cheaper offer has pulled many potential students away from traditional sources of education and more towards these alternatives. Covid-19 has caused many to lose faith in their schools and many of those schools have lost funding from state and federal sources. As a result, certain programs and classes have been cut.

On the other end of the spectrum, though, there are coding Bootcamp scholarships still available. This is a stark contrast to the dark time’s colleges and universities are facing monetarily. 

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The last few years have been more disruptive than ever.

With millions out of work and millions more displaced academically, the chaos is unprecedented.

Fortunately, the vaccine continues to go through the channels of distribution and the pandemic may be winding to a close. It is concurred by many that mutating strains of this virus will be with us moving far into the future.

With trade school and boot camp attendance on the rise, now may be the beginning of a serious shift towards alternative educational institutions.

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding Boot Camps.
He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups Podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.


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