Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate

Two Levels of Participation: Free Starter & Premium

Wealthy Affiliate offers two levels of Membership. Premium and Free. Click on the image to compare the two. Bi-monthly plans are available, too.

This introduction to The Wealthy Affiliate is written primarily for those that know nothing about Wealthy Affiliate but want to try it out because of all the attention it gets, and also for those that know about Wealthy Affiliate but are not quite ready to get started just yet.

The Wealthy Affiliate Online School Of Learning is not new. It has been a work in progress for over 14 years now (founded in 2005) and was created by a couple of very ambitious young visionaries who met while at University in British Columbia, Canada. They became good friends and shared a lot in common as both were enrolled in the Computer Science program and both had been Affiliate Marketers selling other people’s products since around 2002.

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim launched Wealthy Affiliate as an initiative to help new and aspiring online entrepreneurs make money consistently online through the use of Keywords. Yes, that is how they started out. They supplied keyword lists.

Since then, the Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into an industry leader but their original foundations have not changed which are:

  1. Anyone can achieve success online;
  2. Anything NEW can appear to be overwhelming at first;
  3. Very little Technical or Prior Business Experience is required because these skills can be easily taught and learned; and,
  4. Success is a Journey.

And their journey has taken them to over 1 million members already served.

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Over 1 Million Members Served…

From their humble beginnings back in 2005,  over 1 million members have been served through the Wealthy Affiliate Program which has now evolved to become an “Open Education” learning platform that is revolutionizing the way people learn the intricacies of the Internet and build successful businesses online.

Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program nor a “Get Rich Quick’ environment. They do however offer a one-tier Direct Referral Affiliate Program that is one of the most generous in the Industry with up to 50% recurring commissions.

Getting started with The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project is easy and is also completely free. No Credit Card or Payment Information is required.

Getting yourself set-up with a ‘PayPal’ account is one good idea right from the beginning as it is a preferred method for receiving your commissions quickly, paying your premium membership fees on time and timely renewals of the domain names that you wish to keep.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate…

Video Run Time: 1.17

The Above Video was published on Youtube by KHuffman67 on May 11, 2017.

Video Url – https://youtu.be/XUQSRDeHup0

The video suggests that the process to start making money online will only take about three months.

Yes, that can be possible if you know how to quickly lay the foundation of your website and you have a fair amount of money available for ads and marketing. That approach is kind of risky in my opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a product. It’s a product with lots of services included to learn and take action on. A more realistic time frame that I have seen and observed here for WA’s success is more like one to two years at least.

This whole ‘Make Money Online Is Easy’ is actually not as easy as everyone thinks especially if you are on a tight budget. Just getting Indexed and Ranked on the search engines can take as long as six months. But this long term and steady approach are what will lead to your ultimate success.

My best advice is that based on your skill level and level of commitment that you are going to put in, you should budget for a yearly membership. Put aside about $400.00 USD (it’s actually less) per year as an investment in you and your future from that point on.

$400.00 per year for hands-on education with all tools included plus a gated worldwide community along with 24/7 security and support? There’s much more. You cannot beat it.

If you want to be a doctor…first you have to learn how to become a doctor.

If you want to be a Chef…first you have to learn how to become a Chef.

If you want to be an Internet Success…well I think you get what I’m trying to get at.

First Month Premium Membership Only $19.00 + Tax

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Ryan’s Story

The video below (from 2014), although outdated is still one of the best and objective representations of Wealthy Affiliate that I have ever seen. Please take a minute to have a look.

Run Time: 1.18

The Six Level free training that Ryan speaks of is now a complete 10 Lesson Online Certification program. And yes, it is still FREE.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate has added a 10 lesson ‘Affiliate Bootcamp Training Module’ that has one of the most lucrative “recurring” commission structures in the Industry. This training is designed for those that do not have a Niche right away, but would like the opportunity to ‘Earn’ while they ‘Learn.’ And yes, this training is also completely free.

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First ‘Learn’ And Then Remove The ‘L’

Yes, it does work. The program here is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ or ‘Push Button’ scheme so you will have to apply yourself but you can do it at a pace that best suits your needs. The first seven days (Free Step By Step Starter Membership) are critical to your success. The modules set the tone to establish if the program is right for you.

As a Free Member (you can stay as Free Member for as long as you like up to six months), and you will have the option to go to advanced training if you feel that the program is right for you.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two sets of training.

The 5 level Online Certification course is designed for those that have a ‘Niche’ or ‘Interest’ already in mind. This direction is for those that want to promote either their own products or services or the products and services of others (or both) through Affiliate Marketing. Level 1 of the 5 levels are available to Free Starter members.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training is a 7 phase, 70 lesson course that comes complete with one of the most lucrative ‘recurring’ affiliate program commissions ever heard of in the industry.

During the first phase of the training, you will get your website built on a solid foundation with a vision and a brand. This free course consists of 10 lessons and by the time you are finished, you will want to move further along. Level 1 of the 7 levels are available to Free members.

Below, I am going to outline in detail the lessons available to anyone thinking about getting started without any cost or obligation. Most of the Instruction given below will be in Video Format and originates from the Official Wealthy Affiliate Training Center.

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Online Certification Course.

Lesson 1 – Getting rolling: CC

 Watch The Walk Through Video:

Click on image to go to lesson-1. Getting Rolling.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Welcome;
  • Anyone Can Accomplish Success Online;
  • Anything NEW can appear to be Overwhelming at First;
  • Very little to no Technical or Prior Online Business Experience Required;
  • Success is a Journey;
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions;
  • Take action on what you learn;
  • Complete Task #1 – Watch and discuss the video “The Walk Through”;
  • Complete Task #2 – Complete Your Profile Set-up so others in the community know who you are by following the video instructions; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – Understanding your membership.

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Lesson 2 – Understanding How To Make Money Online: CC

Click on image to go to “Understanding How To Make Money Online.”

There are many ways to make money online. The problem is that people often get distracted by the “latest and greatest” product or service and they are never able to build a successful (and revenue-generating) business that actually works.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Complete Task #1 – Watch and discuss the video, “How To Make Money Online”;
  • Complete Task #2 – Understand the Make Money Process; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – Create (write down) your financial goals.

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Lesson 3 – Choose A Niche: CC

Click on Image to view Lesson 3 – Choose a Niche.

Ideally, when choosing a niche, you should be choosing something that is an interest, a passion, or maybe even a hobby. This is not necessarily carved in stone. It can also be something that you would like to learn about. You don’t need to BE an expert, to BECOME an expert in any chosen field.


If you cannot come up with a Niche, you are covered. The program will divert you to ‘Affiliate Boot Camp’ where you will learn to successfully promote the Wealthy Affiliate Platform which can lead to making ongoing recurring commissions. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, finding your passion and choosing your niche can be challenging at first. Very few people arrive here knowing exactly what they want to write about. That is why Affiliate Boot Camp is a great alternative to get your feet wet before diving right in.

Learning via Affiliate Boot Camp has multiple advantages:

  • You are more likely to ‘Earn while you Learn;’
  • Your subject matter is already chosen for you; and,
  • There are lots of other people in the same boat you are in – you can learn from each other within the Community.

See The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Details Further Below On This Page.

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Online Certification (Continued)

Lesson 4 – Building Your Own Niche Website: CC

Click on image to view lesson 4 – Building Your Own Niche Website.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Building your own website is not scary, it is fun;
  • Watch & discuss the video, “Building Your Website In 30 Seconds”;
  • Complete Task #1 – Build your website;
  • Complete Task #2 – Choose the kind of website;
  • Complete Task #3 – Choose a domain;
  • Complete Task #4 – Choose a website name; and
  • Complete Task #5 – Choose a design.

It really is that easy.

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Lesson 5 – Setting Up Your Website: CC

Click on image to view lesson 5 – Setting up your website.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Welcome to WordPress;
  • Watch & discuss the video, “Setting Up Your Website – The Initial Steps”;
  • Complete Task #1 – Login into your website Back Office;
  • Complete Task #2 – Activate and Update Your Plugins; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – Delete Default Posts, Pages and Comments.

You now have a live website that is set-up and ready to go. This is your own Internet “real estate.” You will use this website to connect with your niche and ultimately earn revenue through. This website is your foundation for building a successful online business.

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Lesson 6 – Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines: CC

Click on image to view the lesson – Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines.

Your website is now set-up for SEO. As you build out new pages and posts for your site, they will automatically be optimized for Google and other search engines.

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Lesson 7 – Creating Your Initial Website Content: CC

Click on image to view Lesson 7 – Creating Your Initial Website Content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you will have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people get stressed about is being a “writer.”  You DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online. You just need to communicate and engage in your very own natural way just like writing an email or a letter to a friend.

Never let your fear of writing get in your way!

  • Watch & Discuss the video, “Creating Your Initial Website Content Framework”;
  • Complete Task #1 – Create your “About Me” post. Here you will create a welcome to your website and share a little bit of your story. You can share past experiences, or even go into why you want to help others. You are your own ‘Brand,’ and there are no limits as to how you go about branding yourself or your website; and,
  • Complete Task #2 – Add your ‘Privacy Policy’ page. This is a must for any website, and Wealthy Affiliate makes it very easy for you to use a privacy policy template that has already been created. All you have to do is follow the instructions and paste your newly created website details.

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Lesson 8 – Creating Custom Menus On Your Website: CC

Click on image to view lesson 8 – Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Proper organization of your website;
  • Watch & discuss the video, “Creating Custom Menus and Navigation”;
  • Introducing “Custom” menus in WordPress; and,
  • Complete Task #1 – Create a Custom Menu for your website.

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Lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords – The Start Of Your Content: CC

Click on image to view lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • What is a Keyword?;
  • Each post you create will target a Keyword;
  • Watch & discuss the video, “Keywords Are The Foundation Of Your Success”;
  • Introduction to “The Jaaxy Keyword Tool”; and
  • Complete Task #1 – Perform 5 different searches using Jaaxy.com

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Lesson 10 – Congratulations And Your Next Steps: CC

Your foundation has been built and you are ready to take your ‘Niche’ Website business to the next level.

 In just your first 9 lessons, you have already accomplished the following:

  • Set-up your account profile here at Wealthy Affiliate;
  • Interacted with other fellow marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat;
  • Understood the process of earning money online;
  • Set your idealistic short and long term “make money” goals;
  • Chosen your niche from scratch;
  • Named and built your very OWN website using SiteRubix;
  • Set-up the website that is geared for long-term success;
  • Activated your website plugins;
  • Understand how to set-up plugins that maximize website efficiency;
  • Optimized your website for search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing);
  • Created your very first page of content on your website;
  • Have created many relationships with others here at WA;
  • Have gotten timely help when you needed it;
  • Understood the process of keyword research;
  • Found a bunch of awesome, low competition keywords;
  • Learned how to properly set-up your website navigation; and
  • Learned the foundation that is going to help lead you to SUCCESS.

Well Done.

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Although these methods work, I believe that these techniques are slowly becoming outdated and the use of pop-ups will slowly disappear and be replaced with something else because more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet. Pop-Ups are not Mobile-Friendly at the current time.

That, plus the fact that that I find pop-ups to simply just be annoying and from experience, the ‘Free Stuff’ that I have received in the past from numerous sites that I wanted to learn from really has had very little or no value at all.

The only thing I give away for FREE to get your interest is what I promote wholeheartedly…The Wealthy Affiliate University Open Education Platform Starter Membership. 


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Table Of Contents – Affiliate Bootcamp.

Affiliate Boot Camp Course

Lesson 1 – Getting Started: BC

Click on image to view Boot Camp Lesson 1 – Getting Started.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Welcome;
  • The WA Affiliate Program, It’s Awesome;
  • Your Potential & Commission Structure;
  • Complete Task #1 – Watch the video, “Affiliate Program Walk Through”;
  • Complete Task #2 – Add Your Affiliate Goals; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – Officially Join The Affiliate Boot Camp.

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Lesson 2 – Choosing Your Direction: BC

There are actually many different directions you can head with your Bootcamp site. Wealthy Affiliate is a service that encompasses many different industries and verticals and you can quite easily promote it to many different types of people.

One thing you need to understand is that the minute you start building out your website, you are building a brand. You are working to become a SOURCE of information online and through time and effort, you are going to become an industry expert.

Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate include but are Not Limited to:

  • Stay At Home Moms & Dads – These are people looking to either earn some extra money to supplement their existing income or create a new full-time income from home.
  • Minimum Wage Workers – These are people that are very often very talented but are stuck in a rut. They are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and Wealthy Affiliate can definitely show them how to build a solid business foundation and start getting paid what they are worth.
  • College Students – The majority of College and University students today are drowning in debt. Students can definitely benefit from this program and learn how to make the money they need to become debt-free.
  • Current Online Business Owners – Many business owners are not seeing the results that they would like to see with their online business. The training at Wealthy Affiliate can help them to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle at a very affordable business expense rate.
  • Retired (or Semi-Retired) Folks – Like me for example. I know that my Old Age Pension & Social Security is not going to be enough to provide for my final years. Actually, I believe that this whole Social Security/Pension Plans arrangement is a cleverly designed Ponzi Scheme that is coming to its end. I know that I can benefit indefinitely from this amazing Wealthy Affiliate Community.
  • People On Disability – Again, much like me. We can never take our health for granted. Life will at some time throw you a ‘curveball’ that you can’t hit out of the park. Education is a good Back-Up for the ‘Fast Balls’ that will arrive at your plate when you are disabled for one reason or another.
  • The ‘Next’ Generation – Especially Teenagers that can’t find a job or have higher expectations. “Traditional Education” in the 21st Century is going through a major transformation. In Class, students will no longer say. ‘Hey teacher, I’m passive. Tell me what to do next.’ Instead, they will say ‘Hey teacher, these are my goals and I want to seek the information. Teacher, you are my coach, you are my mentor, please help me do it.’

The list goes on and on.

These are some demographic based audiences that we can target. These above ideas alone allow us to promote Wealthy Affiliate for a lifetime.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

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Lesson 3 – Building Your Website: BC

Click on image to view lesson 3- Building Your Website.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

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Lesson 4 – A Website Look Around: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 4 – A Website Look Around

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Walk Through of the Back Office / Admin Area of your Website;
  • Watch & Discuss the video, “Setting Up Your Website Back office – Full Look Around”;
  • Complete Task #1 – Delete the Dummy Page & Post;
  • Complete Task #2 – Navigating the Back Office of Your Site; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – If there are any Updates available, Update.


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Lesson 5 – Activating Your Plugins: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 5 – Activating Your Plugins.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for managing websites in the world. This is because it is “open source”, which means that the general public can utilize the code. (Don’t worry, coding is not required. WordPress functions just like ‘Microsoft Word’).

Over time, the team at Wealthy Affiliate have developed the most sophisticated and secure website platform in the industry. It uses Siterubix to leverage the WordPress framework.

Plugins are feature enhancements that you can install on your website. There are over 49,000 different plugins available to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

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Lesson 6 – Getting Your Website Ready For SEO: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 6 – Getting Your Website Ready for SEO.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization;
  • Watch & Discuss the video, “Setting Up Your Website For Search Engines”;
  • SEO is NOT Rocket Science;
  • The incredible long term opportunity with SEO; and,
  • Complete Task #1 – Set Up Your Website For SEO.

Back To Table Of Contents Bootcamp.

Lesson 7 – Your Initial Framework Of Content: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 7 – Your Initial Framework Of Content.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Your initial framework of content;
  • SiteContent, a writers Dream Platform;
  • Watch & Discuss the video, “Creating Your Initial Framework Of Content”;
  • Complete Task #1 – Creating your “About Me” Post;
  • Complete Task #2 – Adding Your “Privacy Policy” Page;
  • Watch & Discuss the video, Creating Custom Menus and Navigation; and,
  • Complete Task #3 – Create a Menu.

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Lesson 8 – Understanding The Keyword Research Process: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 8 – Understanding the Keyword Research Process.

A Keyword is a word or a phrase that someone types into a search engine. As an affiliate marketer here with Wealthy Affiliate, you will become an expert with keyword research and the use of keywords.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

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Lesson 9 – Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews: BC

Click on image to view Lesson 9 – Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews.

As we all know, The Internet is the gateway to information. As an affiliate marketer, this is where you are going to be delivering your reviews to a captive audience. When you learn to understand how to effectively create good reviews, you will be able to drive a lot of traffic to your online storefront, and effectively convert ‘prospective’ buyers into ‘actual’ buyers.

Video Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Watch & Discuss the video, “Creating Thoughtful & Insightful Reviews;
  • The 4 “CIAO” Principles to a great review;
  • Captivating, Informative, Accurate and Opinionated;
  • Complete Task #1 – Choosing a Winning Title For Your Review;
  • Complete Task #2 – Create Your Wealthy Affiliate Review; and,
  • Complete Task # 3 – Publish Your Review as a Post to Your Website.

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Lesson 10 – The Exciting Journey Has Begun: BC

By the time you have gone through the first 9 lessons of Boot Camp training (which is easily done within a few days), you will have set out on a journey which has the underpinnings and structure set up for a long term and very successful business online.

Whether you choose the FREE Certification Course or the FREE Affiliate Boot Camp Course, you will know 100% in just a few days for sure if this program is the right one for you.

Wealthy Affiliate University is not only an Open Education Learning Platform, but it is also a Community that you can believe in.

Click on image to be taken to my Join Page for more details on how to get started.

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Free Vs. Premium Comparison

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership 

Benefits of Going Premium. They Are VAST.

Wealthy Affiliate first month only $19.00

First Month Premium Membership only $19.00

If you have been following along with the Certification and Boot Camp Course Previews offered above, then you know that it is time to get started and get interactive with the actual training and familiarize yourself with the community that will be an integral part of your long term success.

After completing the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP, you will have the foundation of your business set-up and this is going to be instrumental in building out a long term and very successful business online.

If you have not already signed up for The Free Starter Membership, you can do so by learning more here by clicking on the image below.

Click on Image to Learn More.

If your intentions are indeed to build and have a successful online business, then you will know after only a few days that the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is what will provide you with the road map to achieve your goals. There will always be a lot left to learn and that is the beauty of the platform here. It evolves and changes according to the times.

Premium Membership is $49.00 per month ($1.61 per day) or $359.00 per Year (98 cents per day).

Rather than list all the things that you are going to receive, allow me to summarize for you that the monthly or yearly subscription is all that you will pay. There are no further upsells. The only additional cost to you will be associated with the number of https websites (dot.com, dot.org, dot.net, etc) that you want to purchase and turn into your own online real estate equity. The Wealthy Affiliate/Siterubix platform charges about $14.00 per year per website which includes Hosting and SSL Certificates. [Compare Industry Standards Here]

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership 

Paul, I’m Broke. I Can’t afford this.

I hear this all the time and in fact, the saying in itself is a subconscious statement that will lead you to ‘Nowhere’ fast.

So when people say, “I can’t afford it,” what they actually mean is that something else has a higher priority to them currently in their lives. “I can’t afford it” is almost always synonymous with priorities rather than resources.

It took me a long time to come to this particular realization.

Decisions made about how we spend our time, money, and energy are rarely straightforward. We take into account the monetary value of things, but we sometimes do not consider the consequences.

In every decision we make, whether financial or otherwise, we are actually basing those decisions on what we can afford to do and what we can’t afford to do. In a straight forward way, we are asking “do I have enough money in the bank?” I can afford it. “Not enough money in the bank?” I can’t afford it.

Premium Membership here at Wealthy Affiliate is $49.00 per month ($1.61 per day) or $359.00 per Year (98 cents per day).

This is a True University Level Open Education Learning Program.

I understand how hard it is for many of us out there that are living from paycheck to paycheck or not having worked at all. By no means am I trying to minimize anyone’s particular situation in life? Sometimes though, we do not have our priorities in order which ultimately leads us to where we are at.

Ask yourself, “Why am I here on Paul’s site?” Chances are that you are here to verify if Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go online. Paul Mindra says ‘Yes.’ Find the means to invest in yourself.

If you are like me (close to retirement age) and have not planned properly, then you have to start planning. Social Security and Old Age Pension are not going to be enough.

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership 

Premium Membership Is A Must.

I have been here since early 2016 and during that time, I have interacted with thousands of fellow members and actually helped many out in the process. I believe that to be totally successful, all Starter Members should upgrade to Premium to take full advantage of what the courses offer. In the same breath though, some people believe that by upgrading to Premium, they are going to start generating revenue right away.

Some do, but they are an exception and not the rule. At the end of the day, you have to understand that you are creating and building a business which is a process and all processes worth executing take time.

Back in 1984, I had a ‘Brick & Mortar’ restaurant business with my now ex-wife. Even though we were blessed with ‘cash flow’ right from day one, it was not until mid-1990 that we actually saw ‘Positive Cash Flow’ when eventually all the loans and debt were paid off. We sold the business in 1994 for a decent profit after our one and only child was born in 1993.

The reason for our success was first and foremost, that we followed our budget and business plan. In simpler terms, we had our priorities in place and that meant we could not spend our operating budget on frivolous purchases. We worked our butts off and had some fun at the same time but it was always within our set out budget.

Starting a business online is totally different from starting and establishing a ‘Brick & Mortar’ address. First and foremost, the costs associated with establishing an online presence are next to none, especially here at Wealthy Affiliate because selling other people’s products is now quite easy.

The hard work, dedication and perseverance required are the same whether you are online or off. As I said earlier on this page, The Wealthy Affiliate University Open Education Platform is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ push-button technique or scheme.

All the time and hard work you are going to put into building out your dreams may not bear fruit until months or even years later. Understand this fact.

If you are not comfortable with that reality, then do not go to Premium until you are. If you upgrade to Premium and throw in the towel a few months later because you did not budget or prioritize, or you did not get the results you expected immediately, then you cannot rejoin as a Free Member at a time later on.

Choose Your Direction Carefully…

Going Premium is a long-term commitment and I always suggest taking the Yearly Membership as soon as you can simply for the savings. Building a Real Business that gives honest returns based on your effort takes time.

You have to try to understand and look at this as an investment in yourself.

Less than $400 per year for lifelong education is a very small price to pay if, in fact, you want to educate yourself in an area that is not going to go away far too soon.

Even if you could learn just one thing i.e. how to build a decent website your investment in yourself would have paid off. I’ll explain further below how after learning to successfully build a website you can make your education completely free from that day on using the ‘Siterubix’ platform. The website building training at Wealthy Affiliate is ‘Priceless.’

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership.

You Need A Storefront!

Starting a Business Online-The Real Deal

Click on image to see Top 10 Website Builders.

You will need a website. Not just any ‘cookie-cutter website,’ but a personalized ‘Authority Website’ like this one.

One that you have complete control over. Think of your website as the ‘Storefront’ for your business. Building the structure of your very own website is made simple within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Building out effective content is a little bit more difficult but made much easier with the step-by-step training received here at Wealthy Affiliate University.

You will need to use proven strategies to build traffic to your website. People are your business. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. Once you learn all that you need to know and more about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get relevant customers to your website, you will also learn that your revenue sources become unlimited.

Once you have traffic, you need to ‘make money’ from this traffic. This eventually becomes the fun part. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs. But you cannot do this without your storefront, meaning your website.

Just like you, at one point, I too was scouring the Internet looking for options. I wanted and needed the one that was most cost-effective and effective in its workings. Yes, I found Wealthy Affiliate.


You will need to:

  1. Have a ‘Desktop’ or ‘Lap Top’ Computer with a reliable Internet Connection;
  2. Choose an Interest. It can be anything that you want. WA teaches you how to transform your ideas into profits. If you don’t have anything specific to start, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate itself as I am doing here. Their ‘Affiliate Program’ is a mastermind in itself. More on this later on another post;
  3. You need to build a website. Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy all under one roof;
  4. You need to get Rankings & Visitors. The Wealthy Affiliate ‘Open Education Project’ is probably the only one that can teach you how to drive traffic without spending a penny through Organic Content Building; and,
  5. You need to Earn Revenue. This is done by providing people with what they want or need.

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership.

Ask Questions

Ask yourself some questions like these:

Can I try this product or service completely for FREE as advertised or do I have to give them payment information?

If they ask for payment information for something advertised as FREE, it raises a Yellow Flag for me. The Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate does not require Credit Card or payment information.

Is this product or service designed for beginners, intermediates, advanced, or all three?

If it is designed for all three, then I know that I will be learning for a very long time and the price of that education is invested in me. Wealthy Affiliate specializes for those that are new but their foundation grows with more and more members growing more advanced in their learning.

That’s the beauty of ‘Open Education.’ Everyone contributes what they can and want based on what others need. Wealthy Affiliate id designed for three.

Is the company offering the product or service reputable?

I have nothing against ‘start-ups’ but feel more comfortable with a company with history. Wealthy Affiliate has been building success stories since 2005.

Does this opportunity provide all the things that I might need under one roof?

This for me was the critical question.

I tried to do an Internet Business one time before Wealthy Affiliate and it left me completely frustrated. There were too many things to fetch and hook up from all over the internet. Being new, I learned that I had gotten into the wrong thing because I have limited knowledge of this new technology.

Wealthy Affiliate made it much easier with everything under one roof with most of it hooked up and ready for you to go.

You just have to activate it, follow the step-by-step directions and go knowing that you have some incredible support to go along with you.

How much Is this going to cost:

Can I start this business for little or no money down and how much will it cost me over the long haul? This too was a very important question for me because over and over again, I was getting burned with online offers elsewhere.

For me, my yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate is locked in at $299.00 per year, for life. I took advantage of the “Black Friday” special in year 3.

The average cost of a Domain that I own with hosting included is about $14.00 per year. I can have up to 25 domains hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate as I grow forward. Plus I have 25 FREE ‘Siterubix’ subdomain sites complete with hosting and SSL Certificates to do with as I wish.

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership.

Some Thoughts On Making Premium membership Free…

You will be shocked or at least surprised to learn how many small businesses still do not have a website.

Many small-business owners do things the old-school way when it comes to gaining customers: They rely on word of mouth. It’s still the No. 1 marketing source of growth in their eyes.

A Redshift Research survey commissioned by web-hosting company GoDaddy reports that well over half of very small businesses have no websites or Facebook pages.

Does this offer someone new to the Online Community an opportunity?  I believe that it does.

One of the first things I look at now prior to doing anything in my business affairs which has been learned through The Wealthy Affiliate Learning Platform is ‘Return On Investment.’ A $400.00 per year investment in myself at one point seemed like a lot. Actually, it never bothered me because I could compare it to courses costing $4,000.00 and more.

How can investing $400 a year in yourself benefit you as A Wealthy Affiliate Premium member?

There are two immediate ways that you can have your education paid for you.

The first is through ‘Direct Referrals’ of those in your network (if you have one) or simply people that you know that are also interested in ‘breaking the shackles’ of the day to day grind. These people must first and foremost understand that trying to do business online without a website is a lot harder than it looks and that they will probably remain disappointed by the replicated sites that many companies in the make money online niche offer.

Three direct sales of the wealthy affiliate education platform and your education becomes free. Even if you cannot get three people to join to make it free, there are many other options including selling other people’s products that the courses teach you.

You can start promoting your affiliate link even as a Free Member and start earning right away.

The second method requires a little bit more effort. First, you have to be a Premium Member to be able to offer these sites as a service. You will also have to deal with small business owners face to face. You will have learned the basics of a website structure. These businesses probably would not require more than 3-5 pages. You would not need to rank them high because the business just wants to add a website to their business card.

Upon upgrading to Premium, you are given 25 ‘Siterubix’ websites complete with hosting to use as you wish. Think about what was said earlier about very small businesses not having a website or online presence. Let’s say you were able to get 20 businesses involved on a yearly basis. They could pay you monthly or save by paying yearly. Even if they paid you $100.00 per year, you are well on your way to making your education free and then some.

That could be a project to undertake while you are going through the training and it would make for a very practical solution if the problem is out there where you are.

There are other longer-term approaches available also.

I used this siterubix site  when I first got started to collect leads of people in the ‘Get Rich Quick’ high yield investment program industry. It is now outdated because the program I was covering came to an end after not too much longevity.

I am using another siterubix site to do a case study of a Network Marketing company that is about to launch.

Along with this site that I work on almost daily, I will also launch a ‘Best OF’ site probably in the first or second quarter of next year so that it can become well ranked for the 2020 shopping season.

That site has my name on it and will be the one I carry forward once the others are smoothly running without too much further effort.


Building a successful business online requires a lot of time, effort and work. You have to be up to it.

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For Me (You)?

Yes. I made the right decision. I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be everything they claimed and more. No, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You can make money here at any level that you want but only if you put in the work to make it happen.

The first seven days are critical to your success here at Wealthy Affiliate. They set the tone and the pace for your success. The more you study the training the more you will want to learn. In your first seven days, you will learn what a niche is. You will create your own website that belongs to you. You are given the tools to make your website truly remarkable and professional in appearance. You will have the opportunity depending upon your niche to begin making money almost right away.

The purpose of this site is to bring to the forefront and emphasize the most important missing piece of the puzzle for new, aspiring, and even veteran internet entrepreneurs to be successful online: You have to have a storefront. You must have the ability to build websites at will for everyone that wants one. Period.

There are a lot of options available to you on the Internet but in my opinion and through my experience here, there isn’t a more comprehensive and technologically advanced platform in the Internet business industry than Wealthy Affiliate. It is also by far, the most cost-efficient program that you will ever encounter.

Ultimately you have to do what makes sense to you. If you want to create a long term business online, the costs here at Wealthy Affiliate are very affordable. If you want to stay on the Starter Membership for an extended period of time, that is up to you as well.

Back To Upgrading To Premium Membership.

Get started with the Open Education Project at Wealthy Affiliate University…

Being introduced to Wealthy Affiliate is a great journey and one that those that can and want to go on, should.

I hope you found this introduction to their platform of help.

Let me know what your thoughts are by leaving them in the comments below.

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