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Wealthy Affiliate is not new.

Your host and guide here at the forensic affiliate website is Paul Mindra.

I got started with Wealthy Affiliate in May 2016 as a complete “Newbie” in the arena of Online Marketing.

After going through some of the introductory courses, I came to the realization that what I was actually getting into was owning “real estate” online.

This opened my eyes.

I learned that there are so many similarities between owning virtual real estate online and owning physical real estate on the ground but with one huge difference: the cost of ownership.

On this page, I would like to share with you some background about Wealthy Affiliate and how the owners have become multi-million developers and owners of real estate online.

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What’s Been Going On Since 2018?

2020 A New Decade

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Company Profile

Wealthy Affiliate University operates as:

Niche Marketing Inc.

2354 Millstream Rd
Box 18
Victoria, BC V9B 6L2

Business Started: July 07, 2005

Business Incorporated: July 07, 2005

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[Full Disclosure: In compliance with the FTC guidelines, anytime I direct you with a link that makes me money, I will let you know firsthand through a disclosure alert.  Please learn more here.– Your Host and Guide Paul Mindra for The Forensic Affiliate website

Better Business Bureau file opened: October 03, 2010

Niche Marketing Inc., also known as Wealthy Affiliate University located in British Columbia, Canada, has an A-minus rating on the BBB website.

Better Business Bureau – Wealthy Affiliate University


Kyle Loudoun – Vice President, Marketing Chief & Co-Founder.

Carson Lim – President, Design Chief & Co-Founder.

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Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate University

Compare Starter & Premiun WAU Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate offers 3 levels of Membership. Premium, Premium Plus, and Free. Click on the image above to compare.

The Wealthy Affiliate is not new. It was created in 2005 by a couple of very ambitious young men who met while at University in British Columbia, Canada.

Meet Kyle Loudoun.

Meet Carson Lim.

They became good friends and shared a lot in common as both were enrolled in the Computer Science program at the University and both had been dabbling in Affiliate Marketing selling other people’s products since around 2002.

After some consideration, in 2005, they launched Wealthy Affiliate as co-founders and it was created as an initiative to help people succeed online.

The foundation of Wealthy Affiliate would be based on the following ‘core principles’:

  1. Anyone can achieve success online;
  2. Anything NEW can appear to be overwhelming at first;
  3. Very little Technical or Prior Business Experience is required because these skills can be easily taught and learned; and,
  4. Success is a Journey.

So the journey began.

Wealthy affiliate started off as a Keyword List membership website that offered keyword lists to Internet Marketers in many different niches and nothing more.

Wealthy Affiliate members were paying $49.00 per month or $359.88 per year ($228.00 savings) for this ‘Keyword’ service and received one keyword list per week.

Since then, Over 1.5 million members have been served through the Wealthy Affiliate Program which has now evolved to become an “Open Education” learning initiative that is revolutionizing the way people learn the intricacies of the Internet and build a business online.

Almost seventeen years later, the Monthly Membership remains at $49.00 and the Yearly membership is still a bargain at $495.00 for the Premium Membership.

They also offer an advanced-level program that you can upgrade to at any time if you ever require it.

Learn more here about pricing products and services provided.

My recommendation has always been:

  • Start for free to make sure the platform is what you are looking for;
  • Upgrade to Premium to check out all the enhanced features (the first-month upgrade is only $19.00), and by then you will know for sure if the platform will meet your needs;
  • Upgrade to ‘Premium Yearly’ for $495.00 which will lock you in for life. You will never see an increase again. Actually, you will receive a notice to reduce this to $299.00 per year through their “Black Friday” initiative, and,
  • Leave the “Premium Plus” membership for the future.
The image links to Wealthy Affiliate.

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Ryan’s Take from 2014

I’d like to share the following Video made back in 2014 by Ryan, regarding the platform that I am going to be sharing with you here on this site as the first step on your journey to online success.

Note: A few things have changed since then.

Video Run Time: 1.17

The Six Level free training that Ryan mentions is now a complete 10 Lesson Online Certification program. And yes, it is still FREE.

[Update March 3rd, 2020 – Due to overwhelming participation, the number of ‘Free’ sites (including hosting) for ‘Starter Members’ is now limited to 1 and the bandwidth will be made available for only 6 months before an upgrade to Premium Membership is required. If an upgrade to premium is not made within that time period, then the bandwidth will be made available for the next ‘Free’ member.]

Which is fair.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate has added a 10 lesson ‘Affiliate Bootcamp Training Module’ that has one of the most lucrative “recurring commission structures” in the Industry. This training is designed for those that do not have a Niche right away but would like the opportunity to ‘Earn’ while they ‘Learn.’ And yes, this training is also completely free.

Cost to Join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Free to Test Drive
  • $49.00 per month or
  • $495.00 per year

Pricing is in USD and does not include applicable taxes.

They also have a program level for the super-advanced.

Compare Free & Premium Memberships here.

Wealthy Affiliate University is all about Community.

They have one of the most powerful Website Platforms in the World and a Hosting Experience you can feel safe running your business on. No need to shop for a Domain elsewhere. Their fully integrated  Domains, with free SSL Certificates, come with complete management within the SiteRubix platform.

The Education at Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just simple, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you enrol, you will be taken through their state of the art training platform, step by step.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best ‘Freemium’ program that I have ever encountered so far in my life.

Everyone that has a PC and Internet connection should at least try it out.

What is your idea of Success?

Everything you need to create and grow a business to any level online is included. The only missing pieces are you, your desire, your drive and your dedication to succeed.

Image links to Wealthy Affiliate.

Click on the image above to get started. Free Trial.

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Meet The Owners.

Marketing Chief / Co-Founder Kyle Loudoun

Kyle Loudoun - Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner

Click on Kyle’s image to see his profile at Wealthy Affiliate

“It all started back in 2002. That is when I got my start within the vast world we have come to know as the Internet. I guess you could say I am a serial entrepreneur as I dedicate a component of every day to “thought development” within the technology world….”

“…I am in my glory when I can help someone achieve something they never thought was possible. Wealthy Affiliate has granted me this opportunity and over the years I have been able to help 1,000’s of people create flourishing businesses from nothing….”

“…Over the years I have naturally become the most interested in the idea development, authoring, and marketing aspects of the Internet business, and my day to day tasks involve working in these areas as well [as] spending a good deal of my time hanging out with in the WA community. There is something to be said about Paying it Forward, and there is no better feeling….”

“…You will see me frequently posting, chatting, helping others, uploading videos and training, or adding courses within the community…and in my spare time I enjoy reading, being active, travelling the World, and of course, being on the Internet.” – Kyle Loudoun

Design Chief / Co-Founder Carson Lim.

Design Chief - Co Founder Carson Lim.

Click on Carson’s image to view his profile at Wealthy Affiliate

“I have been an avid Internet marketer since 2002 and started as an affiliate selling products and services online for various companies. My formal training and background are in Computer Science. Wealthy Affiliate went into development soon after graduation of College where Kyle and I met, and it has been our full-time passion since 2005….”

“…I enjoy being involved in company start-ups and challenging the limits of what can be done with technology and social education platforms. Using technology as a solution to educate people is exciting and where we continually push towards excellence within Wealthy Affiliate….”

“…I am involved in many sports, I thoroughly enjoy being active, and I love to travel. You’ll find me running my businesses from my laptop or iPad from anywhere in the World. I love interacting with members of the Wealthy Affiliate [Community] and constantly hover between Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat, my Blog, and within the many discussions offering support and coaching.” – Carson Lim.

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2009 – Wealth Affiliate Hires More Key Team Members To Handle Growth.

Wealthy Affiliate has become more than a service that provides just ‘Keyword Lists.’

They are now showing people how to build websites using the advancing technology and they realize that they will need some professional help with programming, technology and training.

They bring onboard KC and Aaron for ‘behind the scenes,’ and,

They bring on Jay Neill to start a ‘Live Training’ platform.

Click on Jay’s image to meet Jay Neill.

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2010 – Wealthy Affiliate Leaves The Competition Behind.

By the end of 2010, the original team with new team members are literally ‘Kicking Ass.’

They have successfully created a training centre complete with videos, tutorials and course type training.

They now have their own hosting network, their own website builder, they have the forum and yes, they never let go of the foundation of their business, their keyword lists.

They relaunched the existing forum as a blog in 2011. This internal feature allows all members to communicate, share their thoughts and learn how to create written communication for their websites.

You can view my internal blog here.

The same year, ‘Internal Live Chat’ was launched as a means for members to communicate with each other in real-time.

Yes, live chat came with a few problems that were not anticipated initially but were resolved very soon.

2011 – ‘WA Chat’ Gets a BIG Upgrade!

The team at WA have been working in the background on many upgrades with their live chat platform.

The chat window is now larger and it allows Wealthy Affiliate to display a real-time list of what chats are happening at WA.  There is no need to open and close windows anymore, and members can flip between their chats right within a single window.

This was the beginning of the UX (User Friendly) mode that would separate success from non-success.

2012 – A very Busy Year Behind The Scenes.

A system rewarding members for ‘likes & Comments’ and for the training that they provide is introduced.

This was the beginning of the Wealthy Affiliate ‘Open Education Project’ which would prove to be revolutionary as it paralleled other similar projects being developed in the areas of ‘Open Source.’

Jaaxy, the “Keyword Research Tool” is launched so members can do their own research and create their own lists.

Wealthy Affiliate also introduces ‘Notifications’ that help members stay in tune with what is happening within Wealthy Affiliate 24/7/365, and they launch Level 4 Training – Social Engagement Certification because there was the need to be able to keep up with the ‘Social Media’  craze that was about to explode.

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2013 – A Monumental Year – Siterubix 3.0

“Private Messaging” is launched so that members can now private message each other and more importantly, behind the scenes work going on Siterubix 2.0 is now complete and it is officially re-launched as Siterubix 3.0.

Their free Website Builder is an absolute hit.

Try It Out. This is a very powerful Website building tool.

Watch the video “How To Build A Site For Free’ here By Jay and then come back and try it out for yourself.

You will be required to provide your name and email to complete the process.

[Full Disclosure: I, as the owner of this website, do not receive your name or email address for you trying out and having some fun with the site builder provided above. Your information goes directly to Wealthy Affiliate and is stored as a  life-time”Cookie”]

Learn More Here.

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2014 – 2015

Focus Is On More Training & Online Security.

In 2014, a new system for “bookmarking” content inside the WA platform is announced and Level 5 Training, “The business of content- Achieving maximum success through content creation” is launched.

By 2015, “Security” is becoming a huge issue in the Internet World with “Hacking” & “Spamming” being on top of the list.

WA stays ahead of the game and rolls out an update which massively improves the security of the websites on their ‘Siterubix/Wordpess‘ hosting platform.

“Live chat” is updated again to be more robust, mobile and user-friendly. Processing power has to be increased to facilitate the huge influx of new members coming on board. They also launch a groundbreaking credit system for getting comments on member websites. It is called “Site Comments.”

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2016 – Another Very Busy Year Behind The Scenes.

January: 2016

Introducing Site Domains.

“…For the past 10 years, WA has been building with the goal of allowing the most people possible (everyone) to be able to build an online business. One of the challenges has always been technology and getting people over the fears and difficulties of building the foundation of their business (their websites)….”

Read The Complete Post Here.

March: 2016

Wealthy Affiliate launches “The WA Credit System.”

The WA Credit System is an internal currency that allows WA members to earn ‘Cash’ & ‘Community Credits’ that can be used within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

View The Details Here.

In March, Wealthy Affiliate also launches ‘Domain Transfer.’

links back to Wealthy Affiliate blog.

Click on the image to read a post on how to do a domain transfer

Transfer a Domain’ is a system designed to fill the last MISSING link that makes WA a totally complete website building platform, removing one of the biggest technological hurdles people face, transferring a domain.

Transferring a domain from a registrar is not the same as pointing your domain’s DNS. A domain transfer is actually moving the domain to another registrar. For example. If you originally purchased your domain at Namecheap.com, you can now transfer that domain over to the SiteDomain platform at Wealthy Affiliate where all features of the domain (including payment and renewals) are handled right there.

The full list of features included with Site Domains can be viewed here.

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I came on board in May 2016.

Paul's profile at WAU

Click on my image to view my profile at Wealthy Affiliate University.

I came on board as a free member on May 05, 2016. I will never forget that day.

Just one month prior, I had enrolled in a “FREE” (It really wasn’t free) 14-day course online that was going to teach me how to make lots of money in a very short time. It was called ‘Project Breakthrough.’


I completed the course, learned some insight into the World Of Internet Marketing but did not pursue it. It was going to cost me over $5,000.00 to get the up-sells and all of this hype was just leading into an MLM (Multi-level) structure.  ‘Project Breakthrough,’ no longer exists. Need I say any more about ‘Shiny Object Syndrome?’

So anyway, I think I landed at the right time. I had a domain and Wealthy affiliate were completing “How To’ with all that stuff I did not understand while at ‘Project Breakthrough.’

Upon arrival here at Wealthy Affiliate, I was nervous and a little bit anxious.

I did as I was instructed by Kyle and set-up my account and immediately thereafter I was involved within the community. Everyone was so eager to welcome and help me on my way.

It was beautiful.

Even though a bit overwhelming, by day 2, I knew that I had found my home.

I took the Free Starter Membership seriously and followed the direction from Kyle very seriously.

I completed the first 10 free Lessons of the Online Certification Program and also looked into the Bootcamp Program because I was not certain of a niche at that time.

Before my 7th day of free training ended I upgraded to premium for only $19.00 for the next month. This was my next test to make absolutely sure that I would make this work for me and that the platform would provide what I needed.

Well, I realized that I would, in fact, make this work and before the month ended, I had upgraded to Yearly Enrollment. Going Yearly made more economical sense than paying monthly.

Everything that I needed was under one roof (no outside upsells) and I could chart my course at my own speed.

I now had focus and discovered the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ and no, it was not the next best ‘shiny object,’ it was the ability to build my storefront, my story, my real estate online backed by the education and support to build it. I had now grown up to be able to leave temptation and the desire to ‘Get Rich Quick’ behind.

I felt completely relieved. It was a state of bliss and within what I could afford.

$500.00 per year invested in me (that’s right, per year, not per month) to learn and earn on the Internet?


Moving forward…

It is sometimes hard keeping up with the innovations that the platform at Wealthy Affiliate puts forth on behalf of their membership.

“Shiny object syndrome is the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object is, they immediately lose interest and start chasing the next shiny object.” – Source Entrepreneur dot Com.

June: 2016

Wealthy Affiliate introduced “New Private Messaging.”

In addition to the new ‘Private Messaging’ system, Wealthy Affiliate introduced an internal security measure labelled ‘SiteProtect.’

“…Bots (computers) are the foundation of the spam ring out there and they are able to quickly find and attack any website. There are specific bot networks that focus on finding WordPress websites and exploiting many areas that are susceptible to accepting spam content….” – Carson Lim.

“Plugins are not going to protect you at the same level as SiteProtect”

Read The Entire Post By Carson Here.

August: 2016

The Wealthy Affiliate Engine Is Full Speed Ahead.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is bustling, literally.

I could not believe it. There were hundreds of new members coming on board daily and there are tens of thousands of communications between members on any given day.

Carson and his team release a ‘pop-up’ box of all the WA members whereby any member can leave another member a message simply by hovering over their image.

Learn More Here.

November: 2016

As 2016 comes closer to an end, Kyle, Carson and the team announce that two more updates are scheduled for the beginning of 2017:

  1. SSL Secure Certificates are Coming to WA – And they are FREE; and,
  2. A new Wealthy Affiliate Profile Makeover – Introducing WA Badges for accomplishment is introduced.

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2017 – The Momentum Just Keeps Going.

  • Free “SSL Certificates” are released for our websites. This meant that any domains that we owned went from HTTP to HTTPS. I was totally impressed with the Wealthy Affiliate dynamics and knew that the decision I had made to be here was the right one.
  • Training is redesigned, and the focus becomes more on education in line with the “Open Education Project.”
  • WordPress website building takes a huge leap forward. Updates are made to the WA ‘Sitebuilder’ and the process of building a WordPress website on the Siterubix platform becomes much easier.
  • “Site speed’ takes WordPress website speed into uncharted territory. A fast loading website that is always up to date offers the best possible user experience for both Mobile and Desktop users.
  • “Site content,’ a most powerful writing tool is implemented. Building websites means publishing good quality content that is free of grammar, spelling and sentence structure mistakes. This improvement also allows for the tracking of progress and indexing status of the written work in Google.
  • “Jaaxy 3.0” is released with a new look and bright future. It has been recreated from the ground up. It’s faster, easier to navigate, and offers more accurate and helpful keyword suggestions. An overhaul on the Siterubix platform is made for this new release.
  • Site content ‘Images Platform’ is also released. Over 1 million optimized high-resolution images completely free and Creative Commons ZERO means that members can use these images on their websites in any way that they want, including commercially without attribution.
  • Jaaxy is now the official Keyword Research Tool of Wealthy Affiliate and ‘Next Level’ Video Technology, New UX (User Experience) and much more are slated for 2018.

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2018 – What’s been going on?

  • February – Jaaxy gets updated again for better integration and improved Keyword Management.
  • March – A Brand new Blog Editing Platform is in the works. A series of updates will take the WA experience to a new level. Also, one of the most important aspects of any user experience (UX) is the way in which you can navigate the platform, and whether the navigational properties of a website are inherently intuitive. The Wealthy Affiliate UX (User Experience) is undertaken to continually improve the ease of use of the WA platform for it’s growing community.
  • April – As a part of this ongoing initiative the WA Member ‘Activity Dashboard’ is reinvented and a complete overhaul in terms of the design and navigational experiences are implemented. These changes help to minimize any confusion and discomfort that members may have faced with the changes.
  • May – Wealthy Affiliate officially launches a new ‘Homepage’ moving forward.

Check it out by clicking on the image below.

New look Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Wealthy Affiliate Website – New for 2018

As you can see, the team at Wealthy Affiliate is always busy behind the scenes making improvements that help to maintain its position as an industry leader and an awesome program to be involved in.

2018 marks the 13th year in Business for Wealthy Affiliate. They have come a long way from where they started as just a ‘Keyword List Membership Site,’ and they continue to improve every year.

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August 2018 Update:

SSL Certificates for all sites including ‘Siterubix.

SiteRubix Websites Welcome SSL!!

The team at Wealthy Affiliate has just released a major update to the website building experience at WA which makes all websites at WA for ALL members (Starter and Premium) more secure.

Wealthy Affiliate has always been big supporters of a secure Internet and with their update today, August 30, 2018, all websites on the hosting platform can now have SSL certificates at no extra cost.

This is a Big Deal.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it’s a layer of security that is added to websites that encrypt the communication from a browser to the website.

For example, if you’re at Starbucks using WIFI and you log in to your website, your browser sends your password to your site. If you have SSL turned ON, then that password is encrypted and no hacker or malicious software can intercept and capture your password.

“You can rest assured that with SSL turned on that data flowing from the browser to your website is secure. Your visitors can also rest easy entering data, and you can rest easy entering data to your site, because of this extra layer of security. This can drastically increase communication, engagement, and trust of your site.” – Carson Lim.

Read the entire announcement here.

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September 12, 2018 – Update:

Wealthy Affiliate Goes Mobile

Wealthy Affiliate gores Mobile. Click on image to view the post

“Today marks a long-awaited and incredibly important milestone in our history at Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited to announce that Wealthy Affiliate is now Mobile Ready and mobile device users will get to experience our brand new responsive design!” – Carson Lim.

As I have said before, the only thing that is constant on the Internet is change.

Access to the internet has changed in a number of ways that could not have been imagined only a decade ago.

Access which was only available through a desktop is now available through:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Gaming devices
  • Phones and even
  • Watches

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular (51.2 percent for mobile vs 48.7 percent for desktop) as a way for visitors to find our websites. Having a website that is optimized for devices like mobile is probably the next important step in website development.

Read Carson’s full Blog Post Here.

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October 4th, 2018:

Site Comments 2.0 – A significant Update.

Carson Lim from Wealthy Affiliate.

“Today we’re happy to announce that one of our most highly used integration platforms to the website building process has been fully updated and is available now….”

“…At Wealthy Affiliate, we have long understood the importance of engagement on a website to not only help with building trust, validity, and legitimacy with your content but also how discussion plays a huge role in the world of SEO!….”

“…We understood this years ago and created a platform called SiteComments which provides a medium for people to spark discussion on their sites from others here at WA. SiteComments was groundbreaking in terms of the technology that was required to pull it off and we were extremely happy with how well-received and widely adopted it was with the WA community….” – Carson Lim.

Please read the entire post by Carson Here.

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October 24th, 2018:

Wealthy Affiliate Was Sued. They Stood Up. They Prevailed.

Back in 2015, just a few days before Christmas we were sued by a company called MOBE, Ltd on the basis that we allegedly defamed them within an article called “Another Obvious Scam”, that I researched, wrote, and then published in January of 2014.

Read Kyle’s Full Explanation Here.

Back in January 2014, Kyle Loudoun (Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate)  wrote a review titled “Another Obvious Scam” that he had researched well and then published on a company called MOBE (My Online Business Education).

January 30, 2014, by Kyle 378 Comments

Name: My Online Business Education (MOBE)
Website Url: www.mobe.com
Price: $49 + 19.95/mth + upsells (up to $29,997)
Business Location: Malaysia
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Recommend For: People With Substantial Budget

In that review, Kyle explores whether  My Online Business Education (also referred to as MOBE) is a legitimate opportunity or another run of the mill Internet scheme?

He provides some valuable insight by offering facts that walk a potential opportunity seeker through the various aspects of the program.

The MOBE program is also referred to as “My Top Tier Business Empire,” and “My Online Business Empire” and came complete with a number of domain name changes.

Within his review, he goes on to explain exactly why many folks share a negative opinion on this program. He goes on to explore exactly what this system involves and what Matt Lloyd and the team over at MOBE are offering to their members and how they are building a business by offering products that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

His message was quite simple, forward-thinking and not defamatory in any way:

“At the end of the day, it is you that works very hard for your money so before you invest it into any program online, you should try to understand how something works and how much outlay of money is involved….” -Kyle Loudoun.

Read His Full Review and Outcome Here.

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April 15th, 2019:

Site Comments, A Constant Focus on Improvement.

Improving Site Comments at Wealthy Affiliate.

The problem?

‘Anytime you add a financial element to a platform there are going to be those that try to game, abuse, or “trick” the system into thinking you are authentically using it. When in reality there is actually financial motivation as the driving factor….’

‘…Because of this, and because of everyone’s useful, insightful, and thorough feedback on the issues with the platform, we are making some much-needed changes to the Site Comments platform which will curb this sort of “low quality” activity.’ -Kyle Loudoun.

Read the entire post here.

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May 16, 2019:

New Platform Launch: Affiliate Programs

After almost 2 years of development, The team at Wealthy Affiliate has officially launched the Affiliate Program Platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is something that they have wanted for some time now and they are excited to finally make it available for us to use!

Finding ‘Affiliate Programs’ can be difficult. Conventionally, these programs are spread out everywhere on the Internet and to find affiliate programs we typically had to do a Google search or rely on searching through multiple affiliate networks to find a program that works for us.

Wealthy Affiliate wanted to change that.

So, ‘The Team’ created an environment that allows affiliates to search and find relevant affiliate programs, to give them a medium to communicate feedback or reviews about particular affiliate programs they are involved with, and to follow and manage affiliate their list of programs they are interested in or involved within one place. Wow! that is a lot.

Introducing the Affiliate Programs Platform.

The Affiliate Programs platform here within WA now exists.

We will now, see a brand new menu item within the side menu labelled “Affiliate Programs.

“This is where we are going to access the brand new form and where you will be able to search, find and manage your affiliate programs moving forward.

Here is the direct link to the platform here:

==> Access the Affiliate Program Platform

“This has been a brainchild of ours for many years. We have never seen an affiliate search tool that was useful or one that actually had decent quality affiliate programs within them. Our focus with this platform is going to be to reward high quality and actively managed programs, and to limit exposure to programs that are lower quality or that don’t have active support behind them….”

“…There are close to 1.8 million aspiring and successful affiliate marketers that have joined WA since 2005, and these numbers are growing at a faster rate than ever. We want to provide affiliates with every opportunity possible while maximizing efficiency in every aspect of their business….” [-Carson Lim]

Researching and managing the affiliate programs that we are part of has never been easier, and as this platform evolves. I think we are going to be really excited to see what new opportunities this will represent for us as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is most the comprehensive platform for educating and equipping affiliate marketers for success online, but the “affiliate program” element has been completely segregated from the platform & community here.

Until today.

Read New Platform Launch: Affiliate Programs Here.

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July 4th, 2019

Kraken Image Optimization Now At Wealthy Affiliate.

“Hi Everyone,

Today I am really excited to blog about a technical update we have been working on for quite some time. As many of you that have built websites at WA in the past know, image optimization is incredibly important to the success of your business. Slow loading images on your website are in many cases the sole culprit of poor user experience, and worse yet, Google will punish your website in terms of rankings and exposure if you have a slow website.” – Carson Lim.

Are WordPress plugins for image optimization a good option?

WA websites come with EWWW image optimization with every website install. EWWW is a solid plugin and there are no issues with it as long as the user is happy. All new websites, from this day forward, will have a new image optimization platform.

“Kraken is an image optimization company and they are by far the industry leader in terms of image optimization. We have actually been using them for several years now for optimization done on our end and within internal platforms here at Wealthy Affiliate.”

Read the entire announcement by Carson Lim Here.

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July 23rd, 2019

Video At WA Gets A huge Facelift

Links back to the post at Wealthy Affiliate.

Click on the image to read the entire post by Carson Lim at Wealthy Affiliate.

As each week passes behind the scenes, the team at Wealthy Affiliate is consistently rolling out new “code.” Each and every week is one of improvement, with some projects being visible within the community, and other significant projects i.e. design, and speed improvements, for example, are quietly being improved in the background.

“As we see technology around us that is better than what we are currently offering, or as we come up with our own in house programmatic advancements, we push forward with them and we do so very quickly. Our latest update is a shift to Wistia, which we feel are the leaders in the video space…”

“…As we see technology around us that is better than what we are currently offering, or as we come up with our own in house programmatic advancements, we push forward with them and we do so very quickly. Our latest update is a shift to Wistia, which we feel are the leaders in the video space.” -Carson Lim.

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People who can ONLY follow directions are mere ‘Cogs’ in a machine.

Success is unlikely because someone else is always going to be calling the shots.

You can change that for yourself.

The year is 2020.

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  1. Hello,
    I wish I had seen this post before signing up for all the other affiliate schemes I tried. This article is packed full of great information that will educated people from beginner to seasoned affiliate vet! Great read.

    • Hi, Jaywhon.
      Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.
      Thank you for stopping by to have a look at my site and leaving such a wonderful comment.
      I’m very glad that you enjoyed the read.

      Feel free to visit again as I will be adding more and more content every week.
      I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Jaywhon.

      I wish you a glorious day.

      The Forensic Affiliate.

  2. Awesome article. I have tried many MLM and online “type” residual income stuff. They were all scams or for the MLM, not scam just crazy $$$ and products way too $$$.
    What you are talking about here makes a lot more since. You can put money into it but not have to do a fortune either. With all that I can see why you are enjoying it. Just from reading your article shows your passion and conviction in it.

    • Hi, Jake.

      Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.
      Not quite sure how you found me here (that is not important) but I am very
      glad that you did.

      I want to thank you for leaving your website “work in progress” here on my site.

      You are covering a topic that is more than just a topic. What I mean by that is that your subject matter is of great importance.

      I have bookmarked your site and look forward to returning often as it develops.

      I have only skimmed some of your posts and I promise to return to them and leave my thoughts on your work.

      It is very important.

      You are correct in saying that I am passionate about The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Platform
      that I am a part of.

      I am a long term member, advocate of the system and have zero qualms promoting it. There are comparable
      programs out there (actually there aren’t) and I chose a few years ago to invest in myself. The education that I am receiving here works extremely well for me. I execute at my own pace.

      I am enjoying my journey. It’s not for everybody though.

      You have to take the journey seriously and make it your own.

      One of the biggest obstacles I had in the beginning was related to writing and sharing.
      I just felt that I could not produce content that would be received in a positive light.

      I soon got over that and just started writing.

      I would like to take a moment to thank you for your comment on the content that I am providing
      and the passion that shows through it. Obviously my decision to just go ahead and write is receiving positive traction.

      You are very kind and thoughtful.

      To your success, Jake.

      Return often as I will be writing more often. And look for my presence on your website

      Kindest Regards,

      Paul from Canada.

  3. WOW, Paul, this is great. All the information in one place. I know when I first joined WA it took me a little while to find all the stuff, if I had this in front of me it would have made it a lot easier as I like to see the whole package then get started in the actual training. Keep up the post and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks Ron

    • Hi, Ron.
      Thank you for the very nice comment.

      When I too, first started out, I found it difficult to get the information
      that I was looking for. So the research journey began. I hope that this site will
      provide the information people are looking for to begin their own journey online.

      I will be adding much more information so please feel free to return often.
      Again, thank you for taking the time to leave behind your thoughts.

      It is very much appreciated.



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  7. Специализированный медицинский центр предлагает клиентам современные методы лечения
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    ” проктология;
    ” косметология;
    ” травматология;
    ” детская хирургия;
    ” гематология.
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    Частная клиника работает абсолютно законно, в наличии все лицензии. Каждый сотрудник данной компании систематически посещает различные конференции для того чтобы совершенствовать навыки и повышать квалификацию. Врачи в совершенстве владеют всеми необходимыми методами оказания медицинской помощи и лечения, среди которых:
    ” терапевтические;
    ” хирургические;
    ” биологические;
    ” физические.
    Любые виды необходимого хирургического вмешательства проводятся с использованием современных обезболивающих, а также передовых технологий. После выполнения предписанных манипуляций пациенты размещаются в комфортных палатах.
    Одно из преимуществ клиники состоит в том, что все клиенты могут расчитывать на полную конфединциальность и сохранность личных данных. Доступ к информации о том, как протекает лечение, является закрытым.
    Каждый, кто стал пациентом медицинского центра, может быть уверен в том, что он получит максимальное внимание со стороны врачебного и сестринского персонала, а также гарантированный положительный результат.

    • Hi Kenneth.
      Please find a “Rough” translation below of what you wrote above:

      The specialized medical center offers clients modern methods of treatment.
      Medical science is currently of exceptional importance for all mankind. It is she who is at the forefront of the fight against new dangerous diseases.

      Its results are undeniable because, with the help of the latest medical advances, many patients have returned to normal life. This trend allows patients to trust medical institutions more, especially specialized and modern ones.

      An advanced approach to patient care
      Probably today there is hardly a person who has never visited a doctor. For many years, such assistance was organized along the chain patient – polyclinic – hospital.

      In the clinic, as a rule, the patient could only be consulted and maybe even diagnosed. Based on it, the doctors further either prescribed medication or sent the patient further to the hospital.

      After the patient underwent treatment in this medical institution, he was again sent to the clinic, where he was monitored or outpatient treatment was recommended (if necessary).

      Many people know that such a scheme still works today because it is really quite effective.
      However, the development of the medical industry does not stand still, therefore, at the moment, numerous medical institutions of a new type – medical centers – are becoming increasingly important.

      How does this medical institution differ from all of us familiar with polyclinics and hospitals? The fact is that this institution has several important advantages over the same clinic. Among them:

      ” the opportunity to undergo a complete examination and diagnostics on the territory of one institution;

      ” a wide range of services provided;
      ”higher qualification of service personnel;

      ” effective control over the quality of medical services provided by the management of the center;

      ” the center is equipped with the latest medical, diagnostic, and other equipment, as well as all the necessary consumables.

      In addition, one should not underestimate the fact that in the medical center each client feels the care and respect of the staff.

      Treatment planning is carried out strictly individually, taking into account all the wishes and preferences of the patient.

      In the process of consultation, diagnosis, and treatment, all the details are explained to the patient without hiding anything, and, if possible, several options are offered for the patient to choose from.

      Currently, the most widespread medical centers specializing in such branches of medicine: are gynecology, urology, proctology, dentistry, cosmetology, and some others.
      Also, note that usually specialized medical centers give a guarantee that their intervention is guaranteed to bring a positive result.

      Deserved popularity

      On the site, those patients who live in the city of Ufa can make an appointment at the best medical center with a few clicks. Here are some of the most commonly used by patients:

      ” urology;
      ” proctology;
      ” cosmetology;
      ” children’s surgery;
      ” hematology.

      In this clinic, everyone is given the opportunity to use the policy of compulsory and voluntary honey insurance.

      The private clinic operates absolutely legally, all licenses are available. Each employee of this company systematically attends various conferences in order to improve their skills and improve their qualifications.

      Doctors are fluent in all the necessary methods of providing medical care and treatment, including:
      ” therapeutic;
      ” surgical;
      ” biological;
      ” physical.

      Any type of necessary surgical intervention is carried out using modern painkillers, as well as advanced technologies.

      After performing the prescribed manipulations, patients are placed in comfortable rooms.

      One of the advantages of the clinic is that all clients can count on complete confidentiality and the safety of personal data.

      Access to information about how the treatment is proceeding is closed.

      Everyone who has become a patient of the medical center can be sure that he /she will receive maximum attention from the medical and nursing staff, as well as a guaranteed positive result.

      How can I help or assist?

      Paul from Canada.

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